MCM 102 Introduction to Public Speaking. 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 100 / 110 / 112

This course will cover theories and techniques of organization, evidence, argumentation, persuasion, and delivery in public speaking.

MCM 103 Introduction to Mass Media 3.00

Prerequisite: ENGL 100 / 110 / 112

This course is an introduction to oral, print, and electronic media of communication. Emphasis is placed on history, theory, and criticism of the mass media as cultural institutions.

MCM 121 Fundamentals of Digital Media Production 3.00

Prerequisite: MCM 103 & UMCOM

Introduces students to theories and principles applicable to the production of audio and video content for media platforms.

MCM 206 Introduction to Writing for Mass Media 3.00

Prerequisite: MCM 103 & ENGL 112 & UMCOM

Elementary principles and practice of writing for mass media in varied program formats, with emphasis on preparation of written materials for news, public relations, and public affairs.

MCM 254 Visual Storytelling 3.00

Prerequisite: MCM 105 & UMCOM

Provides the basic building blocks of various visual narrative techniques. The course covers photography, illustration, stroyboarding, advertising, film, comics, cartoons, audio, and documentaries. Students will learn how to evolve a simple idea into a structured story through both dynamic (moving images) and static mediums (still images).

MCM 301 Mass media management 3.00

Prerequisite: MCM 206 & UMCOM

Includes the theories of mass media management, with application to media operations. Investigates economic, legal and ethical problems and issues concerning media management.

MCM 380 Post-Production Processes 3.00

Prerequisite: MCM 254 & UMCOM

Provides students with hands-on training in the sequence of digital media production. Includes training on pre-production and planning, audio and video capture, and post-production and editing.

MCM 332 Field Production 3.00

Prerequisite: MCM 121 & UMCOM

Studies the basic skills necessary to provide news packages for broadcast. Students gain knowledge on story development and production skills needed to write, interview, report, shoot and edit audio and video news stories.

MCM 311 News Writing 3.00

Prerequisite: MCM 206 & UMCOM

News Writing

MCM 411 Media Law and Ethics 3.00

Prerequisite: MCM 206 & Junior Standing & UMCOM

Discussion of laws and ethics affecting the mass media. Exploration of problems and issues in legal regulation of media content, ownership and ethical standards such as privacy, censorship, honesty, fairness, and objectivity.

MCM 412 Communication Theory 3.00

Prerequisite: MCM 206 & 54 Passed Credit & UMCOM

Survey of elements and processes critical to human communication behavior. Comparison of influential communication theories.

MCM 413 Research Methods in Mass Communication 3.00

Prerequisite: MCM 206 & MATH (111 / 122) & Junior Level & UMCOM

Introduction to the fundamental tools of quantitative research in communication. Focus of the course is on reading and comprehending communication research reports rather than conducting quantitative research.

MCM 432 Senior Project in Digital Media 3.00

Prerequisite: MCM 332 & Junior Level

Enables students to develop creative works such as audio and/or video projects as part of their professional training. The course should be conducted under the mentorship of industry professionals in coordination with the course instructor.