Mission, Vision and Goals


To achieve societal betterment through excellence in teaching, impactful research, and partnerships with local and international communities, in a student-centered environment that promotes entrepreneurship, practical skills, and thought leadership.

Strategic Goals

Excellence in Teaching

Goal 1: Enhance Teaching and Learning Effectiveness

  1. Enhance English language and communication skills in our programs
  2. Enhance the CBA Programs to be aligned with market needs and modern trends
  3. Enhance faculty teaching effectiveness
  4. Increase the use of technology in CBA courses
  5. Enhance industry/market experience among students

Goal 2: Expand CBA Offerings

  1. Expand undergraduate offerings
  2. Expand graduate offerings
  3. Launch Executive development programs

Impactful Research

Goal 3: Provide high-quality intellectual contributions through research excellence and faculty development

  1. Increase the impact of faculty research
  2. Increase the visibility of GUST as a leading regional research institution

Thought Leadership and Societal Impact

Goal 4: Improve GUST's Positive Impact on Kuwait's Society and Economy

  1. Disseminate knowledge through organizing events at GUST
  2. Engage in CSR activities
  3. Enhance collaborations and partnerships with local organizations


Goal 5: Explore Ways to Enhance Entrepreneurship in Kuwait and the Region

  1. Develop high-quality programs supporting Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  2. Develop centers to enhance the skills and experiences in entrepreneurship