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College of Arts & Sciences

Professor Bashar Mohammed Ibrahim,  Acting Dean

Dr. Harun Aydilek, Associate Dean

Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences at GUST is to ensure the efficient delivery of services consistent with the mission and vision statements of GUST. Its main objective is to provide our students with the best possible education and essential tools for becoming wise and knowledgeable leaders in industry, academia, and other areas of society.

GUST’s College of Arts and Sciences, consisting of the Departments of Computer Science, English, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mass Communication and Multimedia, and Mathematics and Natural Sciences, prepares GUST students to be knowledgeable leaders in industry, academia, and society by providing them a strong interdisciplinary foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, emphasizing critical thinking, intercultural awareness, and scientific inquiry.

Representing diverse backgrounds and expertise, the faculty members of the College of Arts and Sciences are committed to excellence in an American-style higher education setting through the use of cutting-edge academic resources and facilities.

The College’s curricula are designed to foster intercultural competence and to encourage creative thinking. As part of the General Education coursework, GUST students are taught to understand and appreciate the traditions and cultures that have contributed to the mosaic of today’s globalizing societies while respecting Arab-Islamic values and heritage. Furthermore, a strong emphasis on oral and written expression in the English language is an essential part of each degree program within the College of Arts and Sciences.