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Department Objectives

The CS Department ultimate goal is to maintain a program of excellence in teaching, research, and service by achieving the following core objectives:


  1. Prepare the students for productive careers in a broad range of computer science areas by equipping them with robust problem-solving skills to build computing systems of varying levels of complexity to meet market needs in local, regional or global markets.
  2. Constantly update the CS curriculum to incorporate innovations in this ever-changing discipline.
  3. Prepare the students for lifelong learning in the discipline.
  4. Seek and maintain international accreditation for our undergraduate program.
  5. Develop and maintain high-quality computing-related graduate programs.
  6. Attract, nurture, and retain outstanding faculty whowill produce high-quality fundamental and applied research.
  7. Build and maintain long-lasting collaborative relationships with other universities and industries locally and internationally.
  8. Provide services to the industry, the professional societies, the community, and the state of Kuwait.
  9. Identify and Implement best practices and benchmarking to continuously improve the effectiveness of the department operation.