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Computer Science Department Holds Student Orientation

13 December 2021 to 13 March 2022



Kuwait City, 13 Dec. 2021: Gulf University for Science and Technology’s Computer Science Department, held an orientation for students, introducing them to the computer science major. The event kicked off with the Head of the Computer Science Department, Dr. Mahmoud Elish, who gave a welcome speech and discussed the importance of the information to help students familiarize themselves with the major and their faculty.


Computer Science Instructor, Dr. Noura Al Jeri, gave a brief presentation on the potential job opportunities for Computer Science graduates in the job market today. She also shared alumni achievements as Computer Science graduates and encouraged new students to participate and further advance these achievements during their time at GUST.


The Computer Science Orientation is given every fall semester to introduce new students to the major and their potential future in the field of computer science. The ceremony is held by the Computer Science Department and is a testament to the faculty’s dedication in preparing students for future academic excellence.