dateMonday, 13 May, 2024
placeGUST W1 010
time6 PM


Dr. Ayman Bakr will discuss his award winning publication “Ritualism, Narrativity, and Hyperbole: Towards a Theory of Modern Arabic Poetry" (Sharjah Award for Poetry Criticism, 2021), followed by discussant Dr. Ali Al-Enzi, Former Dean of the Theatrical Arts College in Kuwait. We conclude the program with a book signing and induction of Ayman Bakr's works into the GUST Faculty Publications.

In his MA thesis Dr. Bakr presented a structural analysis of the medieval narrative work of Maqamat by Badi‘ al-Zaman al-Hamadhani. The thesis was published in 1998, and the book has been referred to by a number of scholars in the field of classical Arabic prose. As for his PhD thesis, he studied the phenomenon of multiple renderings of pre-Islamic poetry, taking the Diwan of Hudhayl as a case study. His argument benefited from modernist and post modernist approaches. (The thesis has been published by the Ministry of Culture in Sharja- United Arab Emirates). In his two dissertations he emphasized and scrutinized the cultural significance of Arabic literary works. In addition to his two dissertations on classical Arabic literature, Dr. Bakr contributes to the field of modern and contemporary Arabic literature through conferences and publication in literary journals. His research work and conference contributions focus on modern Arabic literature written in different Arab countries (Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Syria, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates).

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