Wednesday, 06 March, 2024
6 PM

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Claudia Farkas Al Rashoud has been a photojournalist in Kuwait since 1979 when she was 22. She was the first professional female photojournalist at the Arab Times newspaper and has written a number of books on Kuwait’s history and heritage showcasing her pictures. Captivated by a country rich in heritage and traditions, she began capturing her dramatically-changing surroundings on film and in writing. She authored five books on Kuwait and has contributed to countless publications, researching many subjects largely undocumented elsewhere. Serving as Ethnographic Consultant for the nascent Scientific Center, she procured unusual and rare artifacts and helped produce exhibits depicting a vanishing way of life.

She is also Co-Founder of Touch of Hope Q8, the largest animal shelter in the country. TOH cares for stray, abandoned and abused animals and strives to create long-term positive change through its Community Outreach & Education program. On this evening at GUST she will talk about her experiences and her work.

6:00 PM
Welcome and Introduction
Dr. Thorsten Botz-Bornstein, Professor Humanities and Social Sciences Department, GUST Chair of the Center for Global Studies
6:05 PM
Life as a Photojournalist
Ms. Claudia Al Rashoud, Guest Speaker
6:40 PM
Dr. Mauricio Duarte, Associate Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences Department, GUST
6:50 PM
Library Dedication
Ms. J’Amy McCracken, MLIS Library Manager, GUST
7:00 PM
7:20 PM

At GUST (see map) in the Auditorium W1-010 and on Zoom.

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