Library User Guidelines and Borrowing Policies

Which User are You?

All "Users" of GUST Library are entitled to borrowing privileges.

A 'user" refers to:

  1. A member of the GUST Community (any of the following):
    1. a full time or part time faculty member
    2. a member of the administrative or support staff
    3. a currently enrolled student
    4. a member of GUST Alumni
  2. and any external user that has GUST Library membership

Borrowing Policies

  • All users must present a valid GUST ID card to borrow or renew any library item.
  • All items are checked out on a first come, first serve basis.
  • All users are responsible for all items checked out under their GUST ID.
  • All users are responsible for the return of all items to the Library’s Information Desk.
  • The due date/time is the date/time by which an item must be returned or renewed.
  • Items that have reached their renewal limit must also be returned on or before their due date.
  • If the item you want is currently checked out, you can (usually) place a request to "hold" it. That item then gets "recalled," and the other user must return it within 3 days.
  • Users are notified by email if their item is recalled. Users are not able to renew recalled items.
  • Users may check their circulation status online using the Library Catalog: or by contacting the Library.
  • Borrowing privileges vary depending on the user category and item type. See below table.
User CategoryFaculty & StaffStudentsAlumni & External Users
User Category:Item Type
:Loan Period
Faculty & Staff:Maximum
:Renewal Limit
:Loan Period
:Renewal Limit
:Loan Period
Alumni & External Users:Maximum
:Renewal Limit
User Category:Print Books- General Collection
:1 month
Faculty & Staff:10 books
:15 days
Students:5 books
:3 times
:15 days
Alumni & External Users:3 books
:2 times
User Category:Audio Visual Items
:Faculty: 5 days Staff: 3 days
Faculty & Staff:3 items
:Use in Library only (12 hours)
Students:1 item
:Cannot be renewed
Alumni & External Users:N/A
User Category:Print Books- Reserve Collection
:1 day
Faculty & Staff:1 book
:Cannot be renewed
:2 hours or max overnight
Students:1 book
:Cannot be renewed
Alumni & External Users:N/A
User Category:Student Tools & Equipment
:1 month
Faculty & Staff:unlimited
:12 hours
Students:1 item
:Cannot be renewed
Alumni & External Users:N/A

"Audio-visual items" refers to non-print items catalogued in the General Collection (eg: DVD's, CD's, audiotapes, etc.)

"Student Tools and Equipment" refers to stationery, electronic or technical equipment that is also circulated by the Library (eg: iPads, calculators, etc.)

Reserve Collections Policies

  • Print books in the Reserve Collection must remain inside the Library so that users can rely upon their accessibility.
  • Reserve titles are nominated by faculty members for particular classes or courses and may be limited in quantity. Not all textbooks have copies in the Reserve Collection. Please enquire at the Information Desk.
  • In order to increase their circulation, (and make it fair for everyone), borrowing restrictions are placed on reserve titles; e.g.: for maximum 2 hours.
  • Reserve titles cannot be placed on hold or recalled.
  • If a reserve title is checked out at or near the Library’s closing time, it must be returned at 8am the following day.

Fine Policies

  • Users who do not return items on or before the due date/time and in good condition will be sent a fine notice by email.
  • Fine notices will also be sent to users that have overdue recalled items.
  • Failure to receive an overdue notice does not exempt the user from paying the fine.
  • All fines and charges are paused in the event of public holidays or campus closure.
  • Fines should be paid in cash in person to the Information Desk.
  • Exact amounts should be paid; no change may be given. A receipt will be issued.
  • Fines must be paid in full before borrowing privileges can be restored.
  • An item is considered “damaged” if it is returned to the Library in a condition that requires extensive repair OR is unable to be repaired and cannot be returned to circulation.
  • "Replacement costs" are determined by the marked price of the item, the price listed in the Library’s cataloguing system, the current market value or model of the item (eg: iPad model), and current exchange rates.
  • Fine amounts vary depending on the item type. See below table.
Item Type
Overdue Fine Accrual (per item)
Processing Fee
Lost/Damaged Fine
Print Book- General Collection
No fine for first 5 working days (1 week). Thereafter, 500 fils per week. Maximum 5 KD charge.
KD 10 /
Replacement cost of the item
Audio Visual items
1 KD per day, for maximum 15 days. Maximum 15 KD charge.
KD 10 /
Replacement cost of the item
Print book- Reserve Collection
1 KD per day, for maximum 25 days. Maximumu 25 KD charge.
KD 10 /
Replacement cost of the item
Student Tools & Equipment
1 KD per day, for maximum 15 KD charge.
Replacement cost of the item

When either a print book from the General Collection or Reserve Collection, or an Audio Visual item is reported lost, or is returned damaged:

  • The user is charged a 10 KD processing fee + the replacement cost of the item.

When a Student Tool or piece of Technical Equipment is reported lost, or is returned damaged:

  • The user is only charged for the replacement cost of the item.