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Doing Business Law Library


American business Law Journal

Coverage: 1965 to present

Business Ethics: A European Review

Coverage: 1998 to present

Harvard Law Review

Coverage: 1987 tp present

Business Law Today

Coverage: 2008 to present

Capital Markets Law Journal

Coverage: 2008 to present

DePaul Business & Commercial Law Journal

Coverage: 2002 to present

Stanford Journal of Law, Business and Finance

Coverage: 2004 to present

Stanford Law Review

Coverage: 1948 to present

The Yale Law Journal

Coverage: 1891 to present

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Business Ethics in the Middle East by Yusuf Sidani

Call Number: HF 5387.5 .M628 S54 2018

ISBN: 1138222941

Publication Date: 2018

Essentials of Organizational Behavior by Timothy A. Judge Stephen P. Robbins

Call Number: HD 58.7 .R6 2018

ISBN: 1292221410

Publication Date: 2018

Business Ethics by O. C. Ferrell; John Fraedrich

Call Number: HF 5387 .F45 2017

ISBN: 1305500849

Publication Date: 2017

Contemporary Business Law by Henry R. Cheeseman

Call Number: KF 889 .C4333 2016

ISBN: 1292059354

Publication Date: 2016

Legal Environment of Business by Henry R. Cheeseman

Call Number: KF 889 .C4336 2016

ISBN: 013397331X

Publication Date: 2016

International Business Law and Its Environment by Richard Schaffer; Filiberto Agusti; Lucien J. Dhooge

Call Number: K 1005.4 .S33 2015

ISBN: 1285427041

Publication Date: 2015

Business ethics : a contemporary approach by Gael McDonald

Call Number: HF 5387 .M3453 2015

ISBN: 9781107674059

Publication Date: 2015

Business Law by Kenneth W. Clarkson; Frank B. Cross; Roger LeRoy MillerCall Number: KF 889 .B87 2015

ISBN: 9781285185248

Publication Date: 2015

Gulf Politics and Economics in a Changing World by Michael Hudson; Mimi Kirk

Call Number: JQ 1840 .G85 2014

ISBN: 9789814566193

Publication Date: 2014

Dynamic Business Law by Nancy Kubasek; Linda Barkacs; M. Neil Browne; Lucien Dhooge; Dan Herron

Call Number: KF 889.85 .D958 2013

ISBN: 0073524972

Publication Date: 2013


Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society by Robert W. Kolb

Call Number: HF 5387 .E53 2008

ISBN: 1412916526

Encyclopedia of small business by Arsen J. Darnay, Monique D. Magee, editors.

Call Number: HD 62.7 .H553 2007

ISBN: 0787691127

Encyclopedia of business and finance by Burton S. Kaliski, editor-in-chief.

Call Number: HF 1001 .E466 2007

ISBN: 0028660617

The encyclopedia of business letters, fax memos, and e-mail by Robert W. Bly

Call Number: HF 5721 .B59 1999

ISBN: 1564143759

Encyclopedia of business in today's world by Charles Wankel, general editor.

Call Number: HF 1001 .E4665 2009

ISBN: 141296427X


American Accounting Association Digital Library

Business Source Ultimate

United Nations Digital Library

International Financial Statistics Online

ScienceDirect Business and Economics Collection

World Bank eLibrary

Cabells Scholarly Analytics


Web of Science


Business Ethics [Electronic] by Mark S. Schwartz

ISBN: 1118393449

Publication Date: 2017

Business Ethics (ebook) by W. Michael Hoffman (Editor); Robert E. Frederick (Editor); Mark S. Schwartz (Editor)

Call Number: HF5387 .B87 2014 EB

ISBN: 9781118722954

Publication Date: 2014