Recommended Resources


The World's History by Spodek

Call Number: D 20 .S77 2010

ISBN: 0205708390

Publication Date: 2010

Worlds Together, Worlds Apart by Elizabeth Pollard; Clifford Rosenberg; Robert Tignor; Alan Karras (As told to)

Call Number: D 21 .T53 2014 V.1 & V.2

ISBN: 9780393918472

Publication Date: 2015

The Heritage of World Civilizations by Albert M. Craig; William A. Graham; Donald M. Kagan; Frank M. Turner; Steven M. Ozment

Call Number: CB 69 .H45 2012

ISBN: 9780205835485

Publication Date: 2012

Africa in World History by Erik T. Gilbert; Jonathan T. Reynolds

Call Number: DT 20 .R49 2012

ISBN: 9780205053995

Publication Date: 2011

America by David E. Shi; George Brown Tindall

Call Number: E 178.1 .T55 2013

ISBN: 9780393912654

Publication Date: 2012

Clothed in Robes of Sovereignty by Benjamin H. Irvin

Call Number: E 303 .I79 2011

ISBN: 0199731993

Publication Date: 2011

The Arabs: a history by Eugene Rogan

Call Number: DS 37.7 .R64 2009

ISBN: 0465071007

Publication Date: 2009

The Middle East by William Ochsenwald; Sydney Nettleton Fisher

Call Number: DS 62 .F5 2010

ISBN: 007338562X

Publication Date: 2010

Inside the Arab Nationalist Struggle by Mohammed Fadhel Jamali; John King (Editor)

Call Number: DS 79.6 .J34 A3 2012

ISBN: 9781850437628

Publication Date: 2012

Mubarak Al-Sabah by Souad Al-Sabah; Laila Asser (Translator); John King (Translator)

Call Number: DS 247 .K87 A47 2014

ISBN: 9781780764542

Publication Date: 2014


A dictionary of contemporary world history : from 1900 to the present day by Jan Palmowski

Call Number: D 419 .P32 2003

ISBN: 0198608756

Historical dictionary of the Ottoman Empire by Selcuk Aksin Somel

Call Number: DR 436 .S66 2003

ISBN: 0810843323

A dictionary of British history by Edited by John Cannon

Call Number: DA 34 .D52 2004

ISBN: 0198608853

Publication Date: 2004


Routledge Handbook of the Arab Spring by Larbi Sadiki (Editor)

Call Number: JQ 1850 .A91 .R68 2014

ISBN: 9780415523912

Publication Date: 2014

Twentieth Century Day by Day by Arthur M. Schlesinger; Sharon Lucas (Editor)

Call Number: D 422 .C53 2000

ISBN: 0789468565

Publication Date: 2000

The Civil War and Reconstruction : a student companion by William L. Barney

Call Number: E 468 .B319 2001

ISBN: 0195115597

Postwar America : a student companion by Harvard Sitkoff

Call Number: E 740.7 .S58 2000

ISBN: 0195103009

Civil rights in the United States by Edited by Waldo E. Martin, Jr. and Patricia Sullivan

Call Number: E 184 .A1 C47 2000

ISBN: 0028647653

Publication Date: 2000

Encyclopedia of African-American culture and history : the Black experience in the Americas by Colin A. Palmer, editor in chief

Call Number: E 185 .E54 2006

ISBN: 0028658167


The rise of the medieval world, 500-1300: a biographical dictionary[eBook] by Edited by Jana K. Schulman.

ISBN: 0313308179

Who's who in the Greek world by John Hazel

ISBN: 0415124972


The American Historical Review

Arabic Sciences and Philosophy: A Historical Journal

Coverage: 2001 - present

Comparative Studies in Society and History

The Historian

Journal of African History

Journal of American History

Coverage: 1983 - present

Journal of Global History

Journal of Social History

World History Connected

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