Recommended Resources


Understanding Public Relations by Lee Edwards

Call Number: HM 1221 .E393 2018

ISBN: 1473913101

Publication Date: 2018

Public Relations Case Studies from Around the World (2nd Edition) by Jean Valin (Editor); John Paluszek (Editor); Judy VanSlyke Turk (Editor)

Call Number: HD 59 .P789 2017

ISBN: 1433134543

Publication Date: 2017

Social Media and Public Relations by Judy Motion; Robert L. Heath; Shirley Leitch

Call Number: HM 742 .M68 2016

ISBN: 0415856264

Publication Date: 2016

Global Writing for Public Relations by Arhlene A. Flowers

Call Number: HM 1221 .F65 2016

ISBN: 0415748844

Publication Date: 2016

Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics by Glen T. Cameron, Bryan H. Reber Dennis L. Wilcox

Call Number: HM 1221 .W55 2015

ISBN: 1292056584

Publication Date: 2015

Mass media research : an introduction by Roger D. Wimmer, Joseph R. Dominick

Call Number: P 91.3 .W47 2014

ISBN: 1285074602

Publication Date: 2014

Public Relations : a Values-driven Approach by David W. Guth; Charles Marsh

Call Number: HM 1221 .G87 2012

ISBN: 0205811809

Publication Date: 2012

Strategic Communications by Laurie J. Wilson

Call Number: HF 5415.123 .W55 2015

ISBN: 146524915X

Publication Date: 2015

Strategic Public Relations: Audience-Focused Practice by Barbara Diggs-Brown

Call Number: HD 59 .B53 2012

ISBN: 1111840164

Publication Date: 2012

Think Public Relations by Dennis H. Wilcox; Glen Cameron; Bryan H. Reber; Jae-Hwa Shin

Call Number: HM 1221 .T55 2010

ISBN: 0205781691

Publication Date: 2010


Writing for Public Relations by Janet Mizrahi

ISBN: 1631573063

Publication Date: 2016

Public Relations in Asia Pacific by Mary M. Devereux; Anne Peirson-Smith

ISBN: 0470824301

Publication Date: 2011

The Business of Influence by Philip Sheldrake (Editor)

ISBN: 0470978627

Publication Date: 2011

The United States and Public Diplomacy by Kenneth A. Osgood; Brian C. Etheridge

ISBN: 9004176918

Publication Date: 2010


The IABC Handbook of Organizational Communication by Tamara Gillis; IABC

ISBN: 0470894067

Publication Date: 2011

Oxford Dictionary of Sociology by John Scott; Gordon Marshall

Call Number: HM 425 .D5735 2005

ISBN: 0198609868

Publication Date: 2005

The Handbook of Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications by Clarke L. Caywood

Call Number: HM 263 .H317 2012

ISBN: 9780071767460

Publication Date: 2012


Encyclopedia of New Media by Steve Jones (Editor)

Call Number: QA 76.575 .E5368 2003

ISBN: 0761923829

Publication Date: 2002-12-10

Encyclopaedia Britannica 2002 by Encyclopaedia Britannica Publishers

Call Number: AE 5 .E363 2002

ISBN: 0852297874

Publication Date: 2001

Encyclopaedia of Mass Media, Volume I (eBook) by M. A. Khan

Publication Date: 2010

Encyclopedia of Canadian Social Work (eBook) by Francis J. Turner (Editor)

ISBN: 0889204365

Publication Date: 2005


Journal of Public Relations Research

Coverage: 1992 to present

Illinois Public Employee Relations Report

Coverage: 2005 to present

Public Relations Review

Coverage: 1975 to present

Public Relations Strategist

Coverage: 2004 to present

Public Relations Tactics

Coverage: 1994 to present

Worldwide Public Relations Agencies Industry Report

Coverage: 2008 to present

Public Relations Inquiry

Coverage: 2012 to present

Public Relations Quarterly

Coverage: 1965 - 2007

United States Public Relations Agencies Industry Report

Coverage: 2008 to present

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