Recommended Resources


Cities for People, Not for Profit by Neil Brenner (Editor); Peter Marcuse (Editor); Margit Mayer (Editor)

ISBN: 9780415601788

Publication Date: 2012

Our Social World by Jeanne H. Ballantine; Keith A. Roberts

Call Number: HM 586 .B352 2015

ISBN: 9781452275758

Publication Date: 2014

Social problems by John J. Macionis.

Call Number: HN 16 .M24 2013

ISBN: 9780205914791

Publication Date: 2013

Student Study Guide with SPSS Workbook for Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences by Gregory J. Privitera

Call Number: HA 29 .P755 2015

ISBN: 9781483356754

Publication Date: 2014

Sociology : themes and perspectives by Michael Haralambos & Martin Holborn

Call Number: HM 51 .H373 2008

ISBN: 9780007245956

Publication Date: 2008

Sociology and Human Rights by Judith Blau (Editor); Mark Frezzo (Editor)

Call Number: JC 571 .S63 2012

ISBN: 9781412991384

Publication Date: 2011-05-11

Visual Sociology by Douglas Harper

Call Number: HM 500 .H37 2012

ISBN: 9780415778954

Publication Date: 2012

A Networked Self by Zizi Papacharissi (Editor)

Call Number: HM 742 .N49 2011

ISBN: 9780415801805

Publication Date: 2011

Arab and Arab American Feminisms by Rabad Abdulhadi (Editor); Evely Alsultany (Editor)

Call Number: HQ 1729.5 .A73 2011

ISBN: 9780815632238

Publication Date: 2010

Clashing Views in Mass Media and Society by Alison Alexander; Jarice Hanson

Call Number: HN 90 .M3 T352 2011

ISBN: 9780078049989

Publication Date: 2011

Gender and Sexuality by Momin Rahman; Stevi Jackson

Call Number: HQ 1075 .R346 2010

ISBN: 9780745633763

Publication Date: 2010

Introducing Cultural Studies by Brian Longhurst; Gaynor Bagnall; Garry Crawford; Elaine Baldwin; Scott McCracken; Miles Ogborn; Greg Smith

Call Number: HM 623 .I685 2008

ISBN: 9781405858434

Publication Date: 2008


Oxford Dictionary of Sociology by John Scott; Gordon Marshall

Call Number: HM 425 .D5735 2005

ISBN: 0198609868

Publication Date: 2005

Dictionary of the social sciences by Edited by Craig Calhoun

Call Number: H 41 .D53 2002

ISBN: 0195123719

Publication Date: 2002

Conferences & Seminars

International Sociological Association Conferences


Key Quotations in Sociology (ebook) by Kenneth Thompson

ISBN: 9780203220146

Publication Date: 1996

Research in Social Problems and Public Policy by Stacy Lee Burns (Editor); Mark Peyrot (Editor)

Call Number: Series Volumes

ISBN: 9781849507363

Publication Date: 2012


The Routledge Companion to Alternative Organization by Martin Parker (Editor); George Cheney (Editor); Valérie Fournier (Editor); Chris Land (Editor)

Call Number: HM 548 .R69 2014

ISBN: 9780415782265

Publication Date: 2014

International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies by James R. Bailey (Editor); Stewart R. Clegg (Editor)

Call Number: HD 31 .I564 2008

ISBN: 9781412915151

Publication Date: 2007

The Concise Encyclopedia of Sociology by George Ritzer (Editor); J. Michael Ryan (Editor)

Call Number: HM 425 .C66 2011

ISBN: 9781405183536

Publication Date: 2011

21st Century Sociology: a reference handbook by Clifton D. Bryant (Editor); Dennis L. Peck (Editor)

Call Number: HM 585 .A13 2007

ISBN: 1412916089

Publication Date: 2007

The SAGE Handbook of Sociology by Bryan S. Turner (Editor); Chris Rojek (Editor); Craig Calhoun (Editor)

Call Number: HM 586 .S24 2006

ISBN: 0761968210

Publication Date: 2006

Cultural Sociology of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa by Andrea L. Stanton (Editor); Peter J. Seybolt (Editor); Edward Ramsamy (Editor); Carolyn M Elliott (Editor)

Call Number: HM 626 .C843 2012 1-4

ISBN: 9781412981767

Publication Date: 2012

Encyclopedia of Social Problems (2 vols) by Vincent N. Parrillo (Editor)

Call Number: HN 28 .E55 2008 1

ISBN: 9781412941655

Publication Date: 2008


American Behavioral Scientist (ABS)

Coverage: 01/01/1986 - 11/01/1994

American Journal of Sociology

Coverage: 1990 to present

American sociological review

Coverage: 2004 to present

Annual Review of Sociology

Coverage: 1975 - present

British Journal of Sociology

Coverage: 1950 to present

Economy and society

Coverage: 1997 - present

Social problems

Coverage: 1953 - present

Society and Economy

Coverage: 2012 to present

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American Sociological Association

British Sociological Accociation

Digital Commons Network - Sociology

International Sociological Association

Kuwait Central Statistical Bureau

Social Science Research Council

U.S.-based independent nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing research in the social sciences and related disciplines.

Sociologists without borders

The Soc Journal

Sociology Resources on the Web

The Annual Review of Sociology

The Annual Review of Sociology, in publication since 1975, covers the significant developments in the field of Sociology.

The Society Pages

The Society Pages is an online, multidisciplinary social science project headquartered in the Department of Sociology at the University of Minnesota and supported by publishing partner W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. The Society Pages’ mission is to bring measured social science to broader public visibility and influence. That is to say, we’re talking about society.

The SocioWeb

Socioweb provides a listing of sociological resources and research.


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