Recommended Resources


Visual Methodologies by Gillian Rose

Call Number: P 93.5 .R67 2016

ISBN: 1473948894

Publication Date: 2016

Visual communication : images with messages by Paul Martin Lester

Call Number: P 93.5 .L47 2014

ISBN: 1285075846

Publication Date: 2014

Graphic Design and Architecture, a 20th Century History by Richard Poulin

Call Number: NK 1390 .P67 2012

ISBN: 1592537790

Publication Date: 2012

Seeing Is Believing by Arthur Asa Berger

Call Number: P 93.5 .B445 2008

ISBN: 0073534250

Publication Date: 2008

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Visual Content Marketing by Stephen Gamble

Call Number: HF5415.1265.G36 2016

ISBN: 9781119158547

Publication Date: 2016

Visual Communication by David Machin (Editor)

Call Number: P93.5 .V5645 2014 eb

ISBN: 3110255480

Publication Date: 2014

An Introduction to Information Design by Kathryn Coates; Andy Ellison

Call Number: NC 997 .C638 2014 eb

ISBN: 1780673388

Publication Date: 2014

Design for Information by Isabel Meirelles

Call Number: P93.5 .M45 2013 eb

ISBN: 1592538061

Publication Date: 2013

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Visual Communication Quarterly

Coverage: 1997 to present


Coverage: 1995 to present

International Journal of Design

Coverage: 2007 to present

AV Magazine

Coverage: 2008 to present

Journal of Visual Literacy

Coverage: 1994 to present

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Adobe Tutorials

Adobe After Effects

Graphic Design and Digital Arts


Lightroom CC Adobe

Photography and Photoshop


Power of Visual Communication

Online Learning-Visual Communication

Visual Communication

Online Course-Visual Communication

Visual Communication

What is Visual Communication

Illustrator Basic Shapes

Illustrator - Pen Tool

Illustrator - Clipping Mask

Illustrator - Opacity Mask

Illustrator - Adjusting Shapes


Art Kuwait

List of art galleries and museums in Kuwait.

Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyyah (DAI)

A cultural organisation based around the private art collection owned by Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al Ahmed Al Sabah.

Tareq Rajab Museum

The Museum brings together an extensive private collection of Islamic art, illustrating different aspects of Islamic civilisation from its earliest periods to modern times.

The Sultan Gallery

A non-profit organization that supports contemporary and secular movements through Arab art.

Visual Therapy

A multidisciplinary art space and curatorial initiative founded by Shahad Bishara. It aims to foster and exhibit creative talent, with a focus on supporting emerging artists both locally and internationally.



Visual Communication Theories

Blog by Lisette Hernandez-Willemsen; blog categories include: Sketchbook, Visual Communication, Visual Knowledge Building, Visual Knowledge Building Training.

Visual Communications Definition

The site clearly defines visual communication and also states the importance of visual communication.

Visual Communication Examples

Simplicable is a modern business and technology encyclopedia that gives examples of Visual Communication.

Visual Communication Matters

Talks of why Visual Communication matters and how it has an impact.

Visual Literacy

This website defines visual literacy and points out that before defining visual communication, on emust be knowledgeable about the definition of visual literacy.

Visual Communication Research Blog

Founded in 2007 by an ever growing group of designers, illustrators, coders and makers eager to collect and share the best design work they came across, FormFiftyFive soon became an international showcase of creative work.

Visual Culture


Colossal is a Webby-nominated blog that explores art and other aspects of visual culture; it gives access to a variety of articles related to art design, photography, illustration, craft, events and more.

Journal of Visual Culture

Journal of Visual Culture is an international, refereed journal that is a site for astute, informative and dynamic thought on the visual.

All About Color

Color Theory For Designers

Articles from Smashing Magazine.

Color Scheme Designer

Know more about color wheel and color schemes.


A creative community where people discuss the latest trends and explore colorful articles.

Color Voodoo

A Color Design Encyclopedia.

Visual Storytelling Tutorials

Learn About Film-Tutorial

Camera Techniques

Rule of Thirds


Shallow Focus

Deep Focus

Understanding Depth Field Beginners



Graphic Design

Graphic Design-Coursera

Graphic Design Courses

Short Introduction to Graphic Design History

Promotion Design

Design:the definitive visual history

Designers Talk

Elements of Design

Web design

Design Blog

Online Course

18 Dos and Don’ts Of Usability On The Web

Developer Channel


Pahad Ali

Typography Blog

Type For You


All Maya Hotkeys

3D Animation quick reference guide on Maya Keyboard Hotkeys

Edit Mesh-Extrude

3D Animation quick reference guide on Edit Mesh-Extrude

Select Edge Loop

3D Animation quick reference guide on Select an Edge Loop

Select Edge Ring

3D Animation quick reference guide on Select an Edge Loop


3D Animation quick reference guide on Booleans


Photojournalism, Fine Art Photography, and Stock Photos

Boston College Photography Site

Links to various photographic sites as well as museums and collections.

Visual Resources

The Yale University Visual Resources Collection's guide to digital image resources.

Photography Site

A guide to Library and Web resources for study and research in the field of photography.

Photography Tips

Photo tips for beginners in Photography.

Steve McCurry's Website

Steve McCurry specializes in behind the scene photography, fine arts prints, posters and exhibitions.


Tips on basic photography to advanced techniques and tutorials.

Other Resources

Digital Method Initiatives

A digital media tool database

Cambridge in Colour

A learning community for photographers

Digital Photography Review

The world's most popular dedicated enthusiast digital photography site

Video Resources

Cinematic Journey Through Visual Effects

The History of Typography

Photojournalism VS Street Photography

Natural Light in Photography


eBook Central (Proquest)

Emerald Journals


Project MUSE

Business Source Ultimate

Taylor & Francis

ProQuest Central