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Student Clubs



The Office of Student Life (OSL) promotes and encourages student’s passion for knowledge, social and scientific talents and other artistic interests by identifying them in groups that are officially called student clubs (SC). Student clubs lead many events and activities in different fields internally and externally under the supervision of the OSL.


Establishing a new student club:


  • - The director of the Office of Student Life has the authority to approve or reject any proposed student club request according to the required measurements of establishing a student club.
  • - The student club must have a minimum of 10 administrative members in order to establish the club.
  • - The student club should fill out all forms and documents provided by the Office of Student Life in order to authenticate the club.
  • - The student club must have an active supervisor to serve as the clubs advisor for club monitoring, guidance and further consultation.
  • - The club should state and clarify the vision and mission of the club before initiating the club.
  • - The student club must fulfill all the requirements and acknowledge the terms and conditions of establishing a club.
  • - The club must create a constitution within the OSL rules and regulations and provide a copy to the Office of Student Life.


  • When establishing a club it’s specialty should fall under a specific category in order to stress on some of the following:
  • - The different majors at GUST.
  • - Ethnic/Cultural and international exploration.
  • - Health life and sports.
  • - Performing arts and talents.
  • - Special interests and hobbies.
  • - Volunteering work and charity.


Existing student clubs:


Anime Club

Islamic Finance Club

Media Club

Management Club

Accounting Club

Talent Club

Technology Club

English Club

Public Relations Club

Debate Club

Foundation Club

The Human Development Club

Human Rights Club

Sport  Club

Music Club

Ruwwad Business Club

Journalism Club

Bayan Cultural Club





Anime Club: Dedicated to introducing the student body to Japanese and Asian cultures and traditions, through influential and inspirational forms of entertainment.



E-mail: AnimeClub@gust.edu.kw



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Islamic Finance Club: Trains students and improves their knowledge of Islamic finance and economics through programs and courses,as well as interviews and conferences arranged by student members under the supervision of a faculty advisory board from the college of business administration.



E-mail: IFC@gust.edu.kw



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Media Club: Achieve media awareness by combining education and entertainment with series of lectures,open discussion, outdoor activities, workshop and trips to enhance students’ understandings of media.