Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Bachelor Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree program at CBA offer hands-on knowledge and practical experience in various marketing-related topics, including identification of customer needs, product definition and development, product pricing and decision-making. Marketing students will receive a foundation in core business in addition to the advanced marketing curriculum.

The Bachelor of Science in Marketing is typically a 120 credit-hour, four-year degree program. Students are required to complete 40 courses for graduation. The coursework includes:

RequirementCredit HoursNumber of Courses
Requirement:General Education Requirements
Credit Hours:42 credit hours
Number of Courses:14 courses
Requirement:College Requirements
Credit Hours:33 credit hours
Number of Courses:11 courses
Requirement:Major Requirements
Credit Hours:21 credit hours
Number of Courses:7 courses
Requirement:Major Electives
Credit Hours:15 credit hours
Number of Courses:5 courses
Requirement:Free Electives
Credit Hours:9 credit hours
Number of Courses:3 courses
Credit Hours:120 credit hours
Number of Courses:40 courses

Major Requirements (7 Courses)

Students who pursue a specialization in Marketing must take the following major required courses.

  • MRKT 320 Services Marketing
  • MRKT 330 Consumer Behavior
  • MRKT 340 Management of Promotion
  • MRKT 370 Marketing Research
  • MRKT 410 Internet Marketing
  • MRKT 460 International Marketing
  • MRKT 480 Quantitative Marketing Methods

Major Electives (Any 5 Courses)

In addition, Marketing students should take five major elective courses from the following list.

  • MGMT 325 Basics of Logistics
  • MGMT 341 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • MGMT 451 Employee Training and Development
  • MGMT 471 Role of the Global Corporation
  • MGMT 483 Principles of Entrepreneurship
  • MRKT 401 Marketing for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • MRKT 402 Retail Marketing
  • MRKT 450 Sales Management
  • MRKT 491 Business to Business Marketing
  • MRKT 495 Special Topics in Marketing
  • MRKT 499 Marketing Internship