Robert J. Marley

Welcoming Message from Dean

Welcome to the inaugural message from the College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) at GUST! It is my distinct honor to serve as the Founding Dean of the CEA, an academic enterprise that has been many years in the planning. The CEA is a key part of the vision laid out by the Founders of GUST, and it is now very exciting to build a significant new chapter in GUST’s legacy as Kuwait’s first private university.

To date, we have finished construction of a fabulous new wing at the GUST campus primarily dedicated to the initial degree programs of Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Engineering Management. These programs will be accredited by ABET and much of the early preparation and ongoing consultation is being supported by a strong partnership with the Missouri University of Science and Technology, one of the largest collections of engineering programs in the USA. We are also actively interviewing for additional, new faculty and ready to admit our first successful class of students.

Our vision in the CEA is to leverage the existing excellence at GUST to build our own legacy, recognized as the leading engineering and design programs first serving Kuwait, but also the Gulf region and the world beyond offering high quality, professional education. Our programs will be marked by an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and scholarship which promote a spirit of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, aimed at addressing the great global and society challenges requiring technological solutions. Our successful efforts will enhance the quality of life and economic livelihood of Kuwait and beyond.

For prospective students and faculty alike, please take a moment to review the highlights of our new programs on this site. I also encourage you to schedule time to visit the GUST campus as well as the wonderful new CEA facilities.

Please feel free to contact me or any of our current CEA officers with questions. I look forward to hearing from you and together we will also enliven and fulfill the GUST logo and … “Set sail to a brighter future!”


Robert J. Marley, PhD, CPE, F.ACE, F.ASEE

Professor and Founding Dean