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Mass Communications

Dr. Cristina Navarro

Department Chair


Mission Statement:

The Department of Mass Communication and Media offers a Bachelor of Arts degree. We provide students with the theoretical and practical foundations needed to competently work in, and meet the challenges of, different media-related professions.


We are committed to high academic standards based on a cooperation agreement with the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL), national and international accreditation guidelines, and the mission of GUST—which is to equip students with the tools and knowledge to be market leaders in Kuwait and the region.


Students graduate with a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication emphasizing one of the following areas of study: Public Relations & Advertising, Digital Media Production, or Visual Communication.



The Department’s objectives are to:


  1.  Educate students about the importance and influence of mass communication and new media technologies on the politics, economics, and cultures of modern societies;
  2.  Provide students with an understanding of recent theories and methods guiding mass communication as a scientific discipline;
  3.  Help students recognize the importance of free speech and media literacy in modern societies through the application of innovative learning techniques and experiences both inside and outside of the classroom;
  4. Empower students with the ethical standards, professionalism and practical skills necessary to create effective media products and messages that utilize leading scientific techniques and provide students with competitive advantages in tomorrow's job market;
  5. Foster faculty development and research excellence to ensure high academic standards and a robust intellectual environment;
  6. Strive for institutional effectiveness and continuous improvement through the application of quality control standards, innovative leadership, and accreditation guidelines;
  7.  Put faculty expertise to the service of institutions, industries and the general community, both locally and internationally.



In recent years, there has been an explosion in the number of satellite television stations, newspapers, mobile phones, and Internet users in Kuwait and the region. Local organizations are also increasingly applying public relations tactics to build their brand reputations and influence public opinion and behavior. These changes underscore the need to develop the field of mass communication as a flourishing discipline that provides valuable work opportunities in areas such as:

  • •  Multimedia content creation, for advertising, public relations, government or non-profit organizations.
  • •  Public relations and advertising professionals
  • •  Graphic designers, animation, multimedia, and web design specialists.


Mass Communication students select one emphasis from the following:

  1. Digital Media Production with an emphasis on multimedia creation using video, audio, imaging, graphics and animation tools. 
  2. Public Relations and Advertising with an emphasis on copywriting for advertising and public relations, strategic campaign planning and execution, and Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC).
  3. Visual communication with an emphasis on graphic message design, visual culture, semiotics and web design.