About the Course


5 Days


From residential and nonresidential properties to infrastructure, the global construction industry is booming, with continued fast-paced growth expected. Thriving in this expanding ecosystem will require professionals who speak the financial language of construction management fluently, from development projects and investments to predicting and mitigating risks. Whether you’re managing a large development or smaller scale remodel, this course will help you learn to control costs, monitor project cash flow, and mitigate risk to ensure you are able to stay within your project budget and meet delivery timelines.

Who Should Attend

  • Finance professionals in construction/real estate/civil engineering 
  • Construction project managers 
  • Construction engineers/managers 
  • Founders/senior executives of construction and real estate firms 
  • Investors in construction/real-estate/private equity 

Key Benefits

  • Understand how to estimate and control costs during various stages of a construction project
  • Learn how to calculate the quantity takeoff, labor, and equipment costs for construction projects
  • Discover how to track project costs using the Earned Value Method (EVM)
  • Calculate cash flows to determine revenue generation
  • Analyze technology workflows and describe their efficiencies
  • Determine the profitability and feasibility for of various development projects
  • Master financial planning for financing development projects
  • Use decision tree analysis to evaluate the viability of projects
  • Identify and mitigate risks involved in a construction project
  • Apply lean methodology to construction cost estimation and control

Program Content

Module 1

 Construction Cost Estimating, Cost Control, and Quantity Takeoff

Learn about the stages in construction design, measurements, cut and fill, concrete curing and takeoff, and quantifying the rebar with regard to cost estimation.

Module 2

Quantity Takeoff and Measurement

Learn how to calculate steel and formwork costs and delve into how to price the material, labor, and equipment costs of a construction project.

Module 3

Building the Estimate, Procurement, Post Control and Cost Estimation

Master the mechanics behind creating a construction estimate and understanding the final stages of the construction phase, including procurement, postcontract, punch lists, and turnover.

Module 4

 Earned Value Method and CloseOut Period

Explore the various cost control methods, learn the concept of and calculations behind the Earned Value Method (EVM) and master project punch lists and project closeouts.

Module 5

 Project Cash Flow

Understand how to manage cash flow using two different accounting methods and how payment cycles and retainage impact cash flow in a construction project.

Module 6

Program Cost Estimating and Technology Trends

Learn how to control costs for large programs and explore how technology impacts cost estimation and management in construction projects.

Module 7

 The Mathematics of Money

Discover how to calculate the different types of interest rates and create cash flow diagrams while understanding the concepts behind calculating uniform series, Net Present Value (NPV), and the Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

Module 8

 Real Estate Finance for Development Projects

Gain an introduction to the feasibility study and how it can be used to evaluate development projects while learning three ways to compare the sales price, gain, and return on a real estate investment.

Module 9

Financial Plans for Development Projects

Understand different construction loans, the development cost worksheet, and how Net Present Value (NPV) is applicable for the lender or sponsor of a development project.

Module 10

 Financial Plans: Decision Tree Analysis for Real Estate Projects

Learn about decision tree analysis, how to make decisions based on the results, and how to calculate terminal branch probabilities to leverage them in your decision-making process.

Module 11

 Project Finance and Risk in Project Finance

Learn about the various stakeholders in construction project finance, what financial risks they are exposed to, and how borrowing or partnerships play a role in that risk.

Module 12

 Lean in Cost Control and Construction Finance

Learn the Lean Theory, how it can be applied to cost estimating and construction finance, and how lean methods can play a role in identifying as well as mitigating financial risk in any construction project.

Special Features

This hands-on program includes group discussions, case studies, individual activity-based development and small group exercises to deepen your insights and sharpen your performance management skills.