GULF Financial Center

Introducing the Gulf Financial Center

The Gulf Financial Center (GFC) is the first academically applied financial center in the Middle East. It is located in Kuwait's first private university, the Gulf University of Science and Technology (GUST). GFC has state-of-the-art facilities with real-time stock tickers and Thomson Reuters Eikon software, the ultimate financial analysis tool.

Gain the skills and confidence needed to understand the financial & accounting landscape of your business and industry in order to advance your career. Prepare for future professional opportunities and jumpstart your career by gaining an understanding of financial concepts, terms, and principles.


Our vision is to become a leading applied financial center in the Middle East, setting industry standards in financial services and entrepreneurship For undergraduate & postgraduate students.


Our mission is to empower Kuwait’s young generation to contribute to the country’s transformation to become the region’s financial hub by 2035, by enhancing their financial literacy, knowledge and experience in SME development with a focus on impact investing and social entrepreneurship.


We aim to:

  • Enhance financial literacy through education and applied financial training
  • Constitute a nationwide applied training center in money management
  • Encourage SME development through education, research, cross-university projects and events
  • Raise awareness of the opportunities and impact of social entrepreneurship through events, training, workshops and mentorship programs

The GFC is an independent, non-profit, non-political, self-sufficient platform funded by multiple sources and managed by a Director and an independent Advisory Board. The GFC received and continues to receive funds from institutions such as the Amiri Diwan, Boubyan Bank, and others since its inception. It has financially operated under its independent sub-account set under the GUST finance team to ensure governance and capitalize on its setup.

GFC Committee

Dr. Khalil M Ahmad Nimer

GFC Chair

Dr. Ahmed A Hassanein

Committee Member

Dr. Wasim Shatarat

Committee Member

Dr. Yousef Abdelrazaq

Committee Member

Dr. Ahmed Ahmed

Committee Member

Dr. Mohammad Hussain

Committee Member

Ms. Nariman Eskandar

GFC Officer