Pandemic Schooling

Kuwait City, 28 March 2021: The English Club at GUST hosted Assistant Professor of English, Dr. Florentina Halimi, to give a seminar discussing the effects of online schooling and its efficacy. She also added tips on how to keep students motivated and to improve their engagement. The event was held on Instagram live on the club's Instagram page.

Athletics Brings Workouts to Your Home

Kuwait City, 17 February 2021: Gulf University of Science and Technology’s Athletics department is launching a series of live home workouts with fitness instructor, Ahmed Al-Shammari. These workouts will be held three times a week at 5 pm during March (Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday) and streamed using Instagram Live. Be on the lookout for more announcements regarding the workout sessions.

English Club - From Passion to Profession

The English Club organized a seminar this week titled ‘From Passion to Profession’. The seminar hosted Liane Al Ghusain, Founder of The Scribes copywrite agency. Liane talked about her personal experience in transforming her passion for writing into a profitable profession, the challenges that she faced along the way, and copywriting in Kuwait.

You can watch the seminar on English Club’s Instagram page @engl_gust:


24 November 2020 to 30 December 2020

Human Rights Club - Principles of Human Rights

In collaboration with the Human Line Organization, the Human Rights Club organized a workshop about the ‘Principles of Human Rights’. The workshop explained the basic principles of human rights and was given by Lulu Al Rudaini.

Follow Human Rights Club’s Instagram page @hrclub_gust for their upcoming events.


25 November 2020 to 31 December 2020

Bayan Club Discusses the Palestinian Literature

The Bayan Cultural Club has conducted an open discussion titled “Reading in Palestinian literature”, which shed the light on the Palestinian literature, and some Palestinian authors such as; Mureed Barghouthi. Ibrahim Naserallah, and Ghasan Kanafani.

The club also asked the audience to share the literary works they have read about Palestine, and how those books impacted their lives. The discussion aimed to provide all students with a platform where they can know more about Palestine and its amazing literature.


23 May 2021 to 22 September 2021

Bayan Cultural Club hosts LinkedIn Workshop

Kuwait City, 2 May 2021: The Bayan Cultural Club at GUST hosted Assistant Professor of English, Dr. Karim Ibrahim, who held a workshop on how to set up a LinkedIn profile. Dr. Ibrahim explained to students the benefits of appropriately using LinkedIn in order to prepare students better for the future. The event was held on April 28 on MS teams and had a large amount of students in attendance.

Bayan Cultural Club - CAP Dewaniya

In this weekly CAP Diwaneya, the Bayan Cultural Club focused on the literary genre of Prose. The live event hosted several talented students and provided them with a platform to share their favorite literary prose work which included stories, novels, and poetry.

You can watch the live recording at Bayan Cultural Club’s Instagram page @bccgust:


11 November 2020

Bayan Club Hosts Seminar on Art in Kuwait

Kuwait City, 18 April 2021: The Bayan Cultural Club at GUST hosted Ahmed Muqeem, a Kuwaiti artist, in a seminar titled “The Art of Art”. The talk was held on Instagram live on April 11. Muqeem talked about his experience such as the difficulties of being an artist in Kuwait and how he overcame those challenges to succeed. The talk was followed by a Q&A session open for all in the audience.

Bayan Club Discusses Podcast in Kuwait

The Bayan Cultural Club organized a seminar that was presented by Mr. Mohammed Al Zayed, founder of Malhfoof podcast.

The seminar discussed the podcast in Kuwait and the challenges that youth face.

To watch the full discussion, click on this link


23 April 2021 to 20 August 2021

Bayan Club hosts “Digitalization of Life”

The Bayan Cultural Club hosted Mr. Mohammed Al-Rashed, who held a seminar titled ”Digitalization of Life”. Al-Rashed discussed bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, and its impact on the culture.

To watch the full discussion, click on this link:


23 May 2021 to 27 August 2021

GUST Hosts App Building Workshop

Kuwait City, 1 February, 2021: Gulf University for Science and Technology held a three-day workshop for the general public and specifically Computer Science Students in Kuwait, to teach and show them how to build mobile apps. The virtual workshops, sponsored by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, were conducted by highly reputable and experienced professionals whose services were solicited by The Center for Applied Mathematics and Bioinformatics (CAMB). These were Dr. Hammoudeh Alamri, who earned his PhD in software engineering and Ms. Ola Monir, a Senior Android Engineer.

The workshops were conducted with a balanced approach of offering theoretical and practical sessions, with a focus on building apps that are compatible with the Android operating system. This is because only a basic working knowledge of programming is required for Android app development. The first part of the workshops concentrated on the basics such as designing and building complex layouts.

Dr. Wassim Daher, Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics and CAMB Chairperson, said, “The transition from a paper-based workplace to a fully digital one started years ago, but the COVID-19 era has sped up this process, and proved just how important it is to stay connected and for businesses to have a virtual presence. We hope that those who attended the workshops are now ready to put to use what they learned to improve current businesses and help give new ones a fighting chance for survival.”

CAMB was established in 2017 in partnership with Boston University with a mission is to promote innovative research in mathematics, computer science and sciences to create a positive impact on the local community.

Bayan Club Hosts Workshop on Life Skills

Kuwait City, 23 May 2021: The Bayan Cultural Club at GUST hosted a workshop on Life Skills on May 5. The seminar was on held on Microsoft Teams and was catered to students having difficulty with writing professional emails, time management, and taking notes, and was led by GUST honor students. Students from others universities also attended.

To watch the full workshop, click on this link:

Ruwwad Business Club - Word of Mouth in Business

The Ruwwad Business club hosted Managing Partner and Marketing Strategist at UMarkit Projects, Hashem Al Rujaib, in a seminar about the word of mouth in business and marketing. The seminar discussed the role of organic marketing and its importance in entrepreneurial businesses and startups.

Watch the seminar at Ruwwad Business Club’s Instagram page @rbgust:


3 November 2020

Bayan Cultural Club - Inception Movie Discussion

The Bayan Cultural Club held a movie discussion session about Christopher Nolan’s award-winning movie Inception (2010). The discussion aimed at enhancing awareness around intellectual criticism and the role of social discussion.

You can watch the discussion on Bayan Cultural Club’s Instagram page @bccgust:


4 November 2020

Technology Club - Interview with the IT Dept.

The Technology Club held an interview with GUST Assistant Professor and IT Dept. Senior Manager, Dr. Taher Ali. The interview shed light on the major changes and effects the pandemic had over the general nature of work, and the improvements that were implemented to GUST’s systems to accommodate for these changes.

You can watch the interview on Technology Club’s Instagram page @techgust:


5 November 2020