GUST Opens its Doors to High School Students

Gulf University for Science and Technology offered High School students in Kuwait the chance to learn computer programming and web-design for free under the tutelage of instructors from the University in order to introduce them to skills that are increasingly in demand worldwide across all sectors.

Each of the courses, aptly named “Programming for Future Innovators” and “Web-Design for Future Innovators”, were ultimately matriculated to 60 students over the course of two weeks, and were designed and delivered in coordination between The Computer Science and Management Information Systems Department and the University’s very own Center for Teaching, Learning & Research (CTLR).

Both programs were fully-funded by the University, and were delivered by its own highly-qualified Teaching Assistants from the Computer Science and Management Information Systems Department. This is significant as GUST’s Computer Science Program has been accredited by the world-renown Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), which enhances the university’s standing and its academic programs locally and internationally. What’s more, this reflects the high standards and academic discipline that students can expect to receive.

Dr Israa Hussain, Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, said "It was a great opportunity to offer this series of workshops as a way to introduce high school students to both Computer Science and Management Information Systems majors. This was a golden opportunity for us to demonstrate how technology and modern life are so interconnected, and that these are skills that are indispensable to their futures. It was also interesting to talk to them and understand their thoughts and ideas regarding their future plans, and to find ways to align them with what the university can offer."

These courses fit into GUST’s goal of becoming a knowledge-hub, with its doors open to all sectors of society to allow them benefit from the collective academic prowess featured at the university, and the core value of openness which has been cultivated.

Dr. Fatimah Al Hashem, Director of GUST’s Center for Teaching, Learning & Research said "The workshops were offered to high school students as part of our efforts to support education to spread awareness of the importance of coding and programming to the upcoming generation, and to improve their computational thinking skills, which then engender creativity and critical thinking. The received feedback from students was very positive, as the workshops gave them an overview on some aspects of how to apply what would be learned with a Computer Science or Management Information Systems major in practical life. As a leading educational institute, we look forward to conducting similar workshops for high school students to help the community benefit from what we offer.”

Students of GUTS’s Computer Science Program regularly participate in local and international programming competitions and have won many first place positions, including first, second and third places in the collective programming competition in Kuwait, this is in addition to the challenge of international space applications, NASA and CODED Hackathon. In general, these competitions focus on solving real life problems through developing modern software in an atmosphere that simulates actual competitive reality.

GUST Hosts High School Math Competition

Kuwait City, 13 April 2021: The Math and Natural Sciences Department at GUST held the 7th annual High School Mathematics Competition on April 3. The competition had six high schools represented from Kuwait, the American school of Kuwait (ASK), the Canadian bilingual school (CBS), the British School of Kuwait (BSK), Ajial bilingual school (ABS) submitted two teams, Kuwait National English School (KNES), and Al-Bayan bilingual school (BBS). Due to the current global pandemic, the competition was held virtually for the first time as students joined on Microsoft Teams, and the whole competition lasted three hours from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm.

There were three parts to the competition. Each school had five minutes to present any mathematical topic of their choice, followed by a short Q&A session. The presentations were assessed by five judges from GUSTs Mathematics Department, based on five criteria: creativity, mathematical concepts, mathematical communication and representation, responding to questions, and presentation structure. Also, each team worked together to complete a set of 10 challenging math problems. Lastly, an individual speed round took place where every student competed to get the most questions right, taking place via Kahoot, a game-based learning platform that uses multiple choice quizzes accessed via web-browser.

Awards for the top three teams were a Huawei smartwatch for first place, JBL headphones for second place, and Bluetooth speakers for third place. In first place was ASK, while in second and third place were BSK and BBS respectively. The individual rankings were Moheb Eskaross of BSK in first place, Hessa Al-Kharafi of BBS in second place, and Hind Al-Nisf of BBS in third place.

Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Harun Aydilek "The Mathematics & Science Department, and the Mathematics Foundation Unit hosted the first-ever virtual competition, which brought together over seven teams from private and public schools. Promoting the importance of mathematics among youth across the country through a friendly competition that utilizes their skills."

Previous editions of the competition saw students participate and compete in person. The consistency to hold the event annually is a testament to GUSTs staff and faculty's determination to maintain community outreach and relationship not just in GUST but also in Kuwait.

First NREET Conference - Kuwait March 15-16, 2023

Hosted by Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST)

Organized by Center for Sustainable Energy & Economic Development (SEED) & Gulf Financial Center (GFC), in partnership with Economics & Finance Department (HYBRID with both in-person and online paper presentation).

The main purpose of this interdisciplinary Conference is to bring together policymakers, engineers, economists, and industrial participants to discuss and share new thoughts and research findings on energy transition and financing from a global viewpoint.

Location: Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST)-Kuwait & W6-200, W6 hall

Date: 15 March 2023 to 16 March 2023

24th Annual Career Fair

GUST's 24th Annual Career Fair

Date: 12, 13, 14 March 2023

Time: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

International Women's Day Conference 2023

In honor of International Women's Day, we would like to invite you to celebrate with GUST community, the women that have broken the glass ceiling in their fields of work.

Register now and join us at GUST:


8 March 2023

Live Piano Evening

In collaboration with the French Embassy in Kuwait and the French Institute, we are proud to announce our first Live Piano Evening from France.

Join us at GUST on March 7th at 5 PM to immerse yourself into a night of music and culture.


7 March 2023

SEED Workshop on "Energy and Sustainability: Lessons Learned from Applied Work"

The Center for Sustainable Energy and Economic Development (SEED) at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) organized a scientific workshop titled “Energy and Sustainability: Lessons Learned from Applied Work”.

The workshop was a forum for researchers from several countries and universities to present the recent results of their research papers on energy sustainability and economic development. The researchers discussed a number of issues, including energy transformation, pollution, climate change, energy sustainability, and their impacts on economies around the world.

Attending the workshop were a number of officials and interested people, including American Chargé D' Affaires James Holtsnider, and the Director of the Graduate Studies & Research Office at GUST, Professor Issam El Moughrabi.

In a speech to the media, the Chair of SEED, Dr. Khalid Kisswani, said, “The workshop is considered as a platform that gathers specialists from inside and outside the university to present and discuss the latest research on energy and sustainability, as well as allowing experts to participate, discuss, and devise creative energy solutions and ideas, and create a network of specialized academics”.

Kisswani also pointed out that the workshop comes in line with GUST’s strategy which aims to enable faculty members to achieve scientific progress, in addition to promoting research and development at the university. “There is no doubt that the theme of this workshop is a very important topic since it is also compatible with the development plan of Kuwait Vision 2035, which aims to achieve economic sustainability and maintain environmental safety and use clean, renewable energy”, Kisswani added.

American Chargé D' Affaires, James Holtsnider, praised the ideas and proposals presented at the workshop, noting that the impacts and effects of fossil fuels on climate change is being experienced internationally, and the critical need for clean energy.

“We should not forget that the dust storms that have recently swept through the region and Kuwait are one of the consequences of this climate change, as well as its impact on global food security due to drought in some areas or floods that are reducing agricultural production”, Holtsnider added.

He pointed out that the United States has pledged to reduce its gas emissions by 50 percent before 2030, hoping Kuwait to do the same, noting that it is one of the countries characterized by its high exposure to the sun and therefore it can utilize solar energy as a power source, adding that it has the potential to be a global leader in this field.

GUST’s Director of the Graduate Studies & Research Office, Professor Issam El Moughrabi, stressed the importance of the topics discussed in the workshop, especially since renewable energy has become an urgent need in the current changing levels of energy, and the country’s desire to promote the concept of sustainability. El Moughrabi pointed out that this workshop was very rich in information and findings from the researches that addressed a number of issues in this area, which are worthwhile and invite us to benefit from them.

The workshop agenda included a number of lectures, including one entitled “Kuwait Sustainable Energy Road Map” presented by Dr. Salem Al Hajraf, and another lecture entitled “Sustainable Energy Transition in the GCC: The Role of Green Power” presented by Dr. Leila Dagher, as well as a lecture entitled “The Role of Energy Efficiency in Shaping the Energy Transition” presented by Professor Fateh Belaid, and via Online, Dr. Khaled Guesmi’s lecture entitled “Financial Crises and Oil Risk”.

8th GUST Math Competition

The Math Foundation Program and the Math and Natural Sciences Department at GUST held its 8th Annual High School Mathematics Competition on March 26th. The competition had six participating high schools from around Kuwait: American school of Kuwait (ASK), Canadian bilingual school (CBS), British School of Kuwait (BSK), Universal American School (UAS), Al-Bayan Bilingual School (BBS) and Dasman Bilingual School (DBS). The Annual Math Competition was held on GUST campus, which is the first time this event has been held physically since the pandemic.

The competition consisted of three parts. The first part involved presenting a related topic of the high school’s choice, followed by a short Q&A session. The presentations were then assessed by five judges from GUST's Mathematics Department, based on five criteria: creativity, mathematical concepts, mathematical communication and representation, responding to questions, and presentation structure. The second part consisted of a 10 question test, each team worked together to complete a set of challenging math problems. Lastly, an individual speed round took place where every student competed to get the most questions right, taking place via Kahoot, a game-based learning platform that uses multiple choice quizzes accessed via web-browser.

In first place was ASK, while in second and third place were BSK and BBS respectively. The individual rankings were Nadim E of BSK in first place, Jeaneon Hong of ASK in second place, and Ashria Sidhu of BSK in third place. The top three teams were awarded with gift vouchers from Xcite.

The Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Prof. Bashar Ibrahim said “We are happy to organize the eigth version of this competition which has been gaining more attention from high school every year. It’s an amazing opportunity that brings together students from all kinds of schools, putting their students in a situation that enables them to compete and hone their skills in a way that is not possible in the classroom. In addition to promoting the importance of mathematics among the youth.”

This event is one of many that perpetuates GUST’s mission of connecting and building relationships with the community, as well as boosting development in its areas of expertise, while sparking interest in overlooked areas of education. Seeing this competition take place in its eigth version is a testament to GUSTs staff and faculty's determination to maintain its strong community outreach and relationships outside the university walls.


Global Studies Center Hosts Professor Olivier Hanne

Kuwait City, 4 January 2021: The Global Studies Center (GSC) at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) hosted Professor of History at the Military Academy of Saint-Cyr, Professor Olivier Hanne for a lecture on zoom titled “Translations of the Quran in Europe between the 12th and 17th centuries.” The lecture presented to the audience gave examples of how literal and direct the translations of the Quran were and questioned if it helped portray the overall meaning of each “surah”.

The GSC has held several lectures already this academic year from a wide variety of topics. Whether on Spanish literature or on African-American Muslim communities, the GSC brings topics from various fields of research to GUST and is a testament to their effort in providing a rich learning culture for the community.

GUST Holds Language Competition for High school Students

Kuwait City, 27 December 2021: Students from the Lycée Français de Koweït were invited to a Spanish Reading Competition organized by the Humanities & Social Sciences Department at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST). The competition consisted of reading exercises in Spanish that each participant performed in front of three judges. The competition focused on an enriched reading of the text rather than a basic enunciation.

The exercises consisted of short paragraphs for the students to demonstrate their familiarity with the Spanish language and also the use of punctuation and pronunciation rules. Fluency was also evaluated according to the following three aspects: accuracy, appropriate expression, and phrasing to reflect the meaning of the passage. Those aspects will be measured to select a solo winner.

This competition is one of many events and activities held throughout the year for high school students showcasing GUST’s campus and its facilities, as well as introducing prospective students to a university environment.

Mental Boost holds Madness or Magic talk on Clubhouse

As part of the Mental Boost Campaign, GUST hosted Fiction Writer and Poet, Nada Fares, in a seminar titiled “Poetry .. Madness or Magic?”. The seminar presented a brief history of poetry, its blessing and its curse.

Music Club Hosts Beatles-themed event.

The music club organized a show titled “The Beatles Today”. The event was held virtually and witnessed several musical performances by talented students who are members of the club.


31 May 2021 to 17 September 2021

Bayan Club hosts “Digitalization of Life”

The Bayan Cultural Club hosted Mr. Mohammed Al-Rashed, who held a seminar titled ”Digitalization of Life”. Al-Rashed discussed bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, and its impact on the culture.

To watch the full discussion, click on this link:

Regional RoundTable

Kuwait City, 25 March 2021: As a part of the annual celebration of Francophone Week, the Humanities and Social Sciences department held a Regional Roundtable of Francophone students. The roundtable consisted of students from Iraq, Kuwait, and Jordan who discussed and shared their perception of being French-speaking students in the Middle East. They also discussed their experiences of studying French at university and various other topics regarding being Francophones.


Kuwait City, 6 May 2021: The Computer Science Department at GUST hosted the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research’s (KISR) webinar titled “Technical Support for People with Disabilities”. Guest Speaker, Software Development Department Manager, Eng. Noura Alghurair, spoke about KISR’s achievements in projects that benefited people with disabilities but also of KISR’s long term goals with such projects.

The virtual webinar series, presented by the Computer Science Department at GUST, is a set of talks and seminars targeted at students and faculty members, in which representatives from local institutions and companies are invited to give a seminar talk about their research groups and business projects in the area of information, science, and technology. Recently the Computer Science Department held a webinar with Mr. Bashar Alostad of Zyda, an E-commerce platform. These webinars are the pillars of GUSTs culture of education beyond the classroom.

Alghurair's talk shed light on KISR's main achievements that are tailored to people with disabilities and the projects' teams that worked hard to develop several solutions to overcome the challenges that hinder the disabled. Among the projects included the 122 emergency mobile application for the disabled in collaboration with Ministry of Interior and the Arabic augmented and alternative communication application for iPads. KISR also developed and provided a braille printing facility for Kuwait Association for the Blind (KAB) and computer facilities for Kuwait special school as well as improving rehabilitation skills and working environment for the disabled in Kuwait. They also produce and provide braille daily newspapers for the KAB and are providing braille printing software for free to GCC countries, Libya, Lebanon and Morocco.

Eng. Noura Alghurair, Systems and Software Development Department Manager at KISR has 27 years of experience in the field. She is a Project Leader to many projects for the disabled in Kuwait, some of which received national and international awards. She is an active researcher in collaboration with government sectors and academic institutions.

Instructor of Computer Science, Dr. Noura Al-Jeri, said “This seminar was an excellent opportunity to expose the students and faculty members to the current scientific research trends in various fields of science and technology. In particular, the support that can be given by Computer Science graduates to Kuwait's handicaps community. This will also help our students to broad their knowledge on the recent projects and research achievements within KISR's teams and what potential career market is available for them after graduation. Hopefully this will open more opportunities for research collaborations between our faculty and the institution.”

KISR is one of the leading institutions in Kuwait that attracts researchers and scientists from various fields to a collaborative environment in order to produce timely and efficient solutions to current and future problems. KISR has been providing technical support for people with disabilities since 1985, which include several pioneering projects targeting different kind of disabilities such as: blindness, deafness, autism, motor ability, and learning disabilities.

GUST Hosts App Building Workshop

Kuwait City, 1 February, 2021: Gulf University for Science and Technology held a three-day workshop for the general public and specifically Computer Science Students in Kuwait, to teach and show them how to build mobile apps. The virtual workshops, sponsored by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, were conducted by highly reputable and experienced professionals whose services were solicited by The Center for Applied Mathematics and Bioinformatics (CAMB). These were Dr. Hammoudeh Alamri, who earned his PhD in software engineering and Ms. Ola Monir, a Senior Android Engineer.

The workshops were conducted with a balanced approach of offering theoretical and practical sessions, with a focus on building apps that are compatible with the Android operating system. This is because only a basic working knowledge of programming is required for Android app development. The first part of the workshops concentrated on the basics such as designing and building complex layouts.

Dr. Wassim Daher, Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics and CAMB Chairperson, said, “The transition from a paper-based workplace to a fully digital one started years ago, but the COVID-19 era has sped up this process, and proved just how important it is to stay connected and for businesses to have a virtual presence. We hope that those who attended the workshops are now ready to put to use what they learned to improve current businesses and help give new ones a fighting chance for survival.”

CAMB was established in 2017 in partnership with Boston University with a mission is to promote innovative research in mathematics, computer science and sciences to create a positive impact on the local community.

Francophone Week Returns

Kuwait City, 25 March 2021: GUST hosted its Francophone week from March 22 to 24, as a virtual event hosted through online zoom sessions, which included roundtables, lectures, and seminars. Attendees included students and academics from Kuwait and the MENA region. This marks the return of the annual event after having been canceled due to the 2020 global pandemic.

The week kicked off with the “Regional Roundtable”, which included students from Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait discussing the life of being a Francophone in the region. They discussed their shared perception of being French speakers in a region where French culture and language is not common. They also discussed the advantages of studying French in university. The Humanities and Social Sciences Department, which organizes the event each year, also created a montage video of the students presenting themselves at the roundtable to their peers which was relayed on social media to share with the GUST community.

On the second, day the Global Studies Center held a talk titled, “Frances Cultural and Scientific Diplomacy”, which was a lecture by Dr. Phillip Lane, who discussed Frances foreign policy in using science and research along with cultural exhibits to enforce strong bilateral relationships. The talk was the Global Studies Center’s first event of the 2020/21 academic year and had an emphasis on International Relations.

The third and final day included the last a seminar by France’s Defense Attaché to Kuwait, Colonel Passot, titled “The Role of French Armies”. The Colonel discussed his experience of France’s involvement in Operation Desert Shield during the Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait. He also shared the role of the French military in the Middle East and his various missions carried out in the region.

Head of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department, Dr. Manal El-Kady, said “After having to cancel Francophone week last year, we are proud to be hosting it once again. Celebrating French culture with fellow French speakers has always been one of our most celebrated events and helps showcase the diversity within the GUST community. This year was special as we held it virtually for the first time via Zoom. I would like to thank Dr. Botz and the Global Studies Center, for their cooperation and efforts in making this such great collaborative event and also Dr. Saleh AlNafisi for moderating the talk with Colonel Passot. I also would like to thank Dr. Lane and Colonel Passot, and most importantly all the students who attended and participated. This would not have succeeded without them and we look forward to more Francophone Weeks in the coming years.”

Francophone Week is an annual celebration of Francophone students and staff members at GUST and is part of a larger internationally recognized “International Francophonie Day”, which falls on March 20 every year. The day is part of The Organization of La Francophonie which includes 88 member states with a total of 369 million French speakers around the world. Francophone week is one of several culturally themed events held at GUST.

Global Studies Center Hosts Dr. Ismail Lala

Kuwait City, 26 April 2021: The Global Studies Center (GSC) at GUST hosted Dr. Ismail, Lala Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Gulf University for Science and Technology for a talk titled “‘HUWIYYA’ Identity in Classical Arab Philosophy”. The talk was held on Zoom, and was in collaboration with Centre Français de Recherche de la Péninsule Arabique (French Research Centre of the Arabian Peninsula) also known as CEFREPA a regional research center whose main objective is to promote studies on the Arabian Peninsula as a whole. It holds two branches in the Middle East including one in Kuwait City.

Dr. Ismail Lala. His talk was on the word “Huwiyya” and how it has been used throughout history up until its current form in present day language. Lala explains that the word itself is an abstract noun from the pronoun huwa (he), and comes directly from the lexicon of Hellenistic learning. Arabic translators of Greek philosophical texts used “huwiyya” to denote the essence of a thing, or its identity. The talk provided a brief history of this term, and then elaborated on how the term was adopted and expanded by the influential Sufi thinker, Ibn ‘Arabi and those of his Sufi order.

Dr. Lala's discussant, Professor Jean-Baptiste Brenet, a specialist of Ibn Rushd and teaches the history of Medieval Arab Philosophy at the Sorbonne, Paris, provided a 10-minute commentary on Dr. Lala's presentation. He also kicked off the discussion on the subject between Dr. Lala and the audience.

Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences and Head of the Global Studies Center, Dr. Thorsten Botz, said “It is a pleasure to host a fellow colleague in Dr. Lala and inviting a researcher of his caliber is always special for the GSC. Inviting top researchers to discuss major sociocultural and historical topics is key to engaging the student body and the academic community at GUST. Developing a culture of deep analysis that can help build the future of Kuwait.”

He has previously taught in the Oriental Institute at the University of Oxford focused on the importance of Arabic heritage and culture, Islamic philosophy, and history. Past events that focused on Islamic culture and philosophy included Emily Goshey’s talk on “African American Muslim Communities in the US” and Dr. Haneen Ghabra’s “Muslim Women and White Feminity”. These talks are a cornerstone of GUSTs culture of critical thinking and intellectual curiosity.

Global Studies Center Hosts Dr. Arnaud Lacheret

Kuwait City, 23 May 2021: Global Studies Center (GSC) at GUST hosted the Director of the French-Arabian Business School of the Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain, Dr. Arnaud Lacheret, for a talk titled “The Future of the Gulf is Female: What Arabian Modernity Tells Us”. The talk took place on May 16 via Zoom, and was moderated by Assistant Professor of English, Dr. Fatimah Al Hashem.

During the talk, Dr. Lacheret discussed about how the set of cultural, religious, and social values extant in these countries produced an original approach towards social change. Furthering his point, he discussed how GCC governments giving new rights to women, has launched an impetus in their societies that is felt inside Arab families. Daughters and wives can now negotiate with family members (most of times males) advantages like the permission to study and then to work. Once this most symbolic step is accomplished, they introduce new values that they have acquired in their companies into their households; initiating social change starting with their families. Dr. Lacheret explained that this is the definition of a social non-movement: when a set of actors adopt the same behavior without any concertation. The “empowered” daughters and wives become micro models for the rest of the family, for friends and neighborhood thus creating a kind of a virtuous circle. This appears to be a most acceptable way to run social change into Gulf societies.

The book Woman is the future of the Gulf is the result of a long-range study based on recorded interviews with young female managers from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait. The study aims to address the concept of modernization in the Arabian Gulf.

Head of the Global Studies Center, Professor Thorsten Botz, said “Dr. Arnaud Lacheret’s research is vital in regards to the region and Kuwait. Students and Faculty members had a chance to not only listen and learn about Dr. Lacheret’s research but to offer their own anecdotes and cause a critical discussion about modernity in the Gulf. We are truly grateful to have him speak for the GSC and hope to host him again.”

After having had many roles as a chief of staff of elected officials from the European and the French Parliaments in cities such as Strasbourg, Dr. Arnaud Lacheret has shifted his career, after having obtained a PhD in political science, to higher education. In 2017 he was appointed Associate Professor and Head of the French Arabian Business School at the Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain and is the author of two books and more than 30 peer reviewed research papers. His last book, Woman is the Future of the Gulf, deals with the concept of “Arabian modernity” and the way women contribute to change in Gulf societies by taking managing positions, especially in the private sector.

This talk is part of the GSC’s ongoing talk series, where they bring Academics and field experts in social sciences and humanities to give talks for the GUST community. This talk was the fourth talk for the 2020/21 academic year.

Anime Club Organizes Seminar about Education System in Japan

The anime club hosted Japnese Culture Specialist Mr. Bader Al Failakawi, in a seminar that discussed the education system in Japan, the process of becoming a teacher there, and the several duties of teachers and students. The seminar also shed the light on the spirit of cooperation between students, and how it all came together and raised Japan to the level we all know now.

To watch the full discussion, click on this link


16 April 2021 to 17 June 2021

Bayan Club Celebrates International Women’s Day

Kuwait City, 21 March 2021: In celebration of International Women’s Day, GUST’s Bayan Cultural Club held an event on The Portrayal of Women in Nizar Qabani’s Poetry. The event was held on March 8 on Microsoft Teams and was open to the general public to join. Attendees included students from GUST and from other Universities in Kuwait.

You can watch the whole discussion now on YouTube by visiting this link

Music Club Goes Back to 80’s

The Music Club organized a show that took the audience back to the 80’s. The event was held virtually and witnessed several musical performances by talented students who are members of the club.

To watch the musical performances, go to

CTLR Holds Seminar on 'Effective Online Teaching'

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research organized a seminar titled 'Effective Online Teaching: Using a hybrid approach that combines online instruction with social-distance-based classroom instruction'. The seminar provided an overview of Dr. Joseph's experience in transforming a traditional lecture engineering course into a hybrid instruction model, while creating a learning environment that complies with the health and safety guidelines implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Joseph Smith (Co-PI at Missouri S&T) is a professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and serves as the Laufer Endowed Energy Chair. He received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University, and has published 70+ papers. Dr. Smith’s research focus is on Hybrid Energy Microgrid based systems with advanced sensor technology for remote sensing.


19 November 2020 to 1 December 2020

Music Club - Interview with Sayood

The Music Club hosted famous comedic narrator and musician Sayood in an interesting interview. The artist talked about his evolving career in social media and what kickstarted it, as well as the source of his musical inspiration.

You can watch the interview discussion at Music Club’s Instagram page @musicclub_gust.


22 November 2020 to 1 December 2020

Global Studies Center Hosts Dr. Emily Goshey

The Global Studies Center (GSC) hosted Dr. Emily Goshey, a postdoctoral research fellow with the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity based in New York, in which she discussed “African American Muslim Communities”. The talk was held online via Zoom with several GUST faculty members and other interested guests from various academic institutions in attendance.

Dr. Goshey’s talk focused on African American Muslim communities in the United States rather than immigrant Muslims since both have had divergent and unique experiences. Upon researching and inquiring, Dr. Goshey came to witness many African American Muslims traveling to GCC countries in hopes of learning and advancing in Islam, many of which later returned to the United States to spread awareness and teach others in their community of their learnings. She referred to graduates of the Islamic University in Medina who went back to Philadelphia to transform their community as an example during the talk.

Chair of the Global Studies Center and Professor of Humanities & Social Sciences at GUST, Dr. Thorsten Botz-Bornstein, said, “It is useful to present aspects of Islam that are relatively unknown in this region.”

Dr. Goshey’s interest in African American Muslims began in 2010 during her undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania where she studied the History of Islam in Philadelphia. Her work in Pennsylvania gained her several ethnographic studies, an honors thesis, and many subsequent papers and presentations. She has since written a dissertation on modern Ibadism in Oman and its encounter with Salafism at the University of Princeton and is currently a recipient of several US government scholarships and awards for her studies of the Arabic and Persian languages.

Also present at the talk was Dr. Goshey’s discussant, the author of A History of Conversion to Islam in the United States, Dr. Patrick D. Bowen. Dr. Bowen has published over two dozen articles including two monographs: A History of Conversion to Islam in the United States, Volumes 1 and 2, whereby he discusses white Muslims, Sufis, the movements they produced between 1800 and 1975, and the diverse roots and manifestations of African American Islam as they appeared between 1920 and 1975.

The GSC is a leading research center on global studies, and a vehicle for engaging both internal and external communities through stimulating events and lectures on global issues. The center aims to conduct cutting-edge research on cross-national political, economic, social, cultural, and environmental issues of critical importance, and share research output and information regionally and globally. The GSC seeks to foster public understanding of global issues with local significance.

GUST continues to build on its mission to become a knowledge-hub that benefits and engages students, academics, and the wider Kuwait community as a whole. For more information on upcoming events, visit


20 October 2021 to 11 January 2022

English Club Hosts Graphic Novelist

Kuwait City, 31 May 2021: The English Club at GUST hosted Graphic Novelist Ahmed AlAmeen in an event titled “The Epic of Comic Book Heroes”, on May 27 via Instagram Live. AlAmeen discussed his experience as a comic book writer and how he draws inspiration from ancient works such as the Epic of Gilgamesh which helped him create his own graphic novel titled Epics of Enkidu that revolves around an autistic protagonist.

Bayan Club Hosts Hamad Al-Sarraf

Kuwait City, 23 May 2021: Bayan Cultural Club at GUST interviewed Director, Hamad Al-Sarraf, on Instagram live on May 17. The interview consisted of Mr. Al-Sarraf discussing how he became a director and the challenges he faced. He also discussed the role of cinema in society in relation to social issues.

To watch the full interview, click here:

CTLR Hosts a Workshop on Non-Verbal Communication

Kuwait City, 6 January 2021: The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research (CTLR) at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) hosted a workshop for students on how to master nonverbal communication. The workshop was a 2 hour long course given by Professor of Finance, at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET), Dr. Haidar Al-Haddad, who discussed certain concepts such as the concept of listening and factors affecting the language of human communication.

The Center for Teaching Learning and Research at GUST, organizes various workshops throughout the academic year promoting learning and development among students and faculty. They also hosted a workshop on mobile application development with Teaching Assistant of Computer Science, Ms. Fatme Ghaddar to help enchance student’s skills in that field. These workshops are a testament to GUST’s aim to constantly improve and provide the best education and learning atmosphere for its students and faculty alike with continuous academic excellence.


6 January 2022 to 6 April 2022

Human Rights Club - Syrian Female Refugees

The Human Rights Club hosted Public International Law Instructor and refugee rights advocate Aisha Al Qassar in a seminar about female Syrian refugees. The seminar aimed at bringing attention to the harsh conditions refugees live in, and what we can do to help, based on her personal experience in visiting refugee camps in Turkey and Jordan.

Follow Human Rights Club’s Instagram page @hrclub_gust for their upcoming events.


18 November 2020

Anime Club - FIFA Gaming Tournament

Last week the Anime Club partnered up with Strike Sports Kuwait in hosting a FIFA 21 Gaming Tournament. With more than a hundred participants, the prizes were $500 for 1st place winner, $300 for 2nd, and $200 for 3rd.

Follow Anime Club’s Instagram page @gustanimeclub for upcoming events.


17 November 2020

Economics Club - Public Debt

The Economics Club hosted Kuwaiti Economist and Politician Abdulwahab Alrushaid in discussion titled ‘Public Debt’. The talk looked into the advantages and disadvantages of the Public Debt system, and its implications if applied to the local economy.

You can catch the seminar recap the Economics Club Instagram page @econclubgust:


11 November 2020

Bayan Cultural Club - Ink Drawing

In collaboration with local art school Manifesto 13, the Bayan Cultural Club organized a private seminar titled Ink Drawing. The seminar, which was given by Art Instructor Omar Abdullah, taught its attendees the ins and outs of drawing and creating art with ink.

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9 November 2020

GUST Hosts “Imagine The Future” Closing Sessions by Shell

Gulf University for Science and Technology hosted the closing session for Shell’s “Imagine the Future” Scenarios Competition, which highlighted Kuwait’s Energy Goals to Net Zero Emission by 2050. The session was delivered by Managing Director for Planning and Finance at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Bader Al Atar, Country Chair of Shell Kuwait, Anwar Al Mutlaq, and moderated by Meteorologist Essa Ramadan.

The speakers stressed on the importance of this topic and discussed many aspects that need addressing to reach the target plan.

The event was attended by GUST’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Nawaf Arhamah Arhamah, Acting President and

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Bassam Alameddine, faculty members, and students.

In his opening speech, Mr. Nawaf Arhamah Arhamah focused on the importance of GUST’s collaboration with Shell, especially on the fact that we are facing global transformation across all industries, which forces us to re-evaluate national and regional priorities. Arhamah pointed out that the sessions and topics that have been covered over the past three months have been highly informative and brought new global perspectives to our students and faculty.

The Chairman added that the University is keen to start driving these conversations through developing rigorous programs via a diverse partnership ecosystem, which in-turn challenges our students to become the “Problem Solvers” of the future.

Mr. Nawaf said “We as GUST, do not take this role lightly, we are launching our own integrated innovation and sustainability framework. Moreover, we are building a healthy partnership ecosystem with local and global industry players and institutions”. He added that “Our students will come out of our programs as innovators who can think out of the box, draw scenarios and build robust frameworks in different industries”.

GUST Organizes 1st Computer Applications & Technological Solutions Conference

Gulf University for Science and Technology held its first Computer Applications & Technological Solutions - CATS 2022, under the theme “Impact of Covid-19 on Computer Applications and Technological Solutions”.

The conference’s main theme revolved around COVID and how it impacted the technological aspect of human life. The pandemic has created hardships for organizations, corporations, employees, and consumers, while impacting economies through constituted lockdowns and decreased economic activity. This has instigated seismic shifts in work place set ups pushing employers to utilize remote work platforms, in turn creating a boom in the available remote working tools. Digital adoption also was present in the education field, which saw a significant increase between educational institutes worldwide. The pandemic raised many unique challenges to these sectors forcing them to make a rapid move towards using latest technologies trying to find innovative solutions to counteract the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

GUST Organized The 1st Kuwait National Robotics Competition

The 1st Kuwait National Robotics Competition, organized by Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) and sponsored by Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), concluded on March 5th, 2023, with great success, showcasing remarkable teamwork among 16 teams from different schools across the country, who demonstrated their technical skills and creativity in building and programming their robots to complete various challenges.

The competition emphasized the importance of teamwork and collaboration, as students worked together under the supervision of their teachers to design, build and program robots that can solve complex problems. The teams competed in three categories: Design Award, Robot Skills Award, and Tournament Championship Award. Selected team from Middle and High school will be invited by RECF to represent Kuwait in the world championship in Dallas, USA, and compete against other top teams from around the world.

The National Robotics Competition is part of the international VEX Robotics competition and is organized in partnership with the Robotics Education and Competition (REC) Foundation. The VEX Robotics competition provides students with the opportunity to explore the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), inspiring them to pursue careers in these fields.

This year's competition also marked the opening of GUST's new laboratory - Digital Innovation and Robotics Automation Lab (DIRA Lab). The new facility provides students with advanced tools and equipment to enhance their skills and knowledge in robotics and automation, preparing them to meet the challenges of the future.

Dr. Noura Aljeri, Chair of DIRA Laboratory said, “We wish the winning teams the best of luck in representing Kuwait at the World Championship and look forward to seeing more talented students at next year's National Robotics Competition.”


GUST Hosts BELC Training Courses For The Second Time In Collaboration With The French Embassy

Gulf University for Science and Technology has announced its new extended partnership with the French Institute and the French Embassy in Kuwait to host the (BELC) training for the second time.

The BELC are the most prestigious internationally recognized training courses for French language teaching professionals, offers educators an intensive training in the most up to date professional techniques and allows them to discover new practices to support dynamic career development. The course was organized by France Education International and is certified by the French Ministry of Education.

The training which was held during 5th and 9th February 2023 at GUST campus, included workshops divided into 9 modules and provided by 3 experts from France Education International, one trainer from the Institute of Francis Paris, and 3 regional experts lecturers. Number of trainees in this course reached to 82 attendees from 13 different nationalities and coming from 6 countries included: Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

In this occasion, GUST’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Nawaf Arhamah Arhamah, said “As a University, it is our responsibility to identify the opportunities that come with education for societal advancement. At Gulf University for Science and Technology, we believe that education extends beyond academic certification, hence the partnerships that we seek with organizations across all sectors, to further develop societies through our shared knowledge and experiences”.

Arhamah adding that GUST is proud to be partnering with the French Institute and the French Embassy, to host the BELC training for the second time. He said “In the span of 11 years, BELC has been working internationally to drive dynamic career development among educators, which in turn impacts the students that cross their paths”.

Arhamah pointed out that in 2015, the Middle East BELC was organized in Kuwait for the first time, and it was hosted at GUST. Adding that “Today, we are proud to host this prestigious initiative again and are looking forward to further this partnership and continue building towards enduring societal impact”.

GUST Launches the "Live Your Major" Program in Collaboration with 11 Partners

The Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST) Launches the "Live Your Major" Program in Collaboration with 11 Partners

The new program aims to bridge the gap between classroom skills and the real-life requirements of the job market in Kuwait

The Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST) held a press conference to announce its newest training program, "Live Your Major," which was launched in collaboration with 11 partners from both the public and private sectors.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees at GUST, Nawaf Arhamah Arhamah, spoke at the press conference and was accompanied by leaders from GUST’s participating partners, including: Dr. Fatima Al-Salem, the Director General of Kuwait News Agency (KUNA); Mohammad Al-Fawaz, Assistant Chief Executive Officer for Supporting Services in Kuwait Airways; Talal AlMutairi, Deputy General Manager for Group HR and Rewards in KFH; Salma Al-Essa, Head of Quality Department at the State Audit Bureau; Ms.Irina Kosajenko, the First Secretary for Politics, Press and Information at the European Union Mission to the State of Kuwait; Anwar Al-Hassawi, Vice President of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society; Nawal Mulla Hussain, Head of Supporting Operations at KAMCO Investment Company; Badr Al-Oqili, Co-Founder of V-Thru; Hamad Al-Salami, Head of Marketing at Dabdoub; Reham Al-Ayyar, CEO at VO Kuwait and Mr. Arturs Kruze – CEO Magebit. Asrar Al-Ansari, a GUST alumni, moderated the discussion.

GUST’s "Live Your Major" is an educational program that aims to give students an opportunity to apply classroom skills in real life, encouraging students to overcome various professional, technical, and educational challenges and ensure that students leave the classroom with a broader awareness of the requirements needed to excel in the job market. The program extends over a full semester, with faculty members assisting students with finding and implementing solutions to practical challenges faced by companies and entities operating in Kuwait. At the end of the semester, participating students' work and projects will be evaluated, and the best one will be rewarded.

Speaking about the program, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at GUST, Nawaf Arhamah Arhamah, said: "We are proud to launch our ‘Live Your Major’ program, the first program of its kind in the region and yet another initiative that we are proud to have spearheaded at GUST, a leader in education that has developed a variety of educational programs that serve both Kuwait and the region. We would like to thank the private and public sector entities that believed in our vision and our students, and partnered with GUST to bring this program to life."

He added: "This program is also the first of its kind in the country and is fully consistent with GUST’s educational and institutional goals. GUST has long been keen to ensure that our students have a competitive advantage in the job market and are equipped with a network of relationships designed to facilitate the start of their practical careers. Our students graduate with various skills and facilities at their disposal, with a competitive edge that has rightfully landed them leadership positions in their workplaces both in the private and public sectors.”

On their part, GUST’s partners expressed their excitement in taking part in GUST’s “Live Your Major” program, the first program of its kind in the region and one of the most exciting career preparatory programs for local youth. With entities participating from both the private and public sector and across a variety of industries, each partner touched on the importance of collaborating with local youth in order to ensure a more economically and socially sustainable future. The “Live Your Major” program aligns with both GUST’s and its participating partners’ sustainability goals, enabling students to adopt new skills that will prepare them to enter the job market and set the bar for future generations of students.

At the end of the conference, Arhamah thanked the faculty members and the team behind GUST’s “Live your Major” program, saying, “I would like to take this opportunity to invite our esteemed faculty and students to take advantage of this program. We are excited for our students to take this semester as an opportunity to live their specialties and flourish in their future careers.”

GUST Hosts Workshop for Faculty in Preparation for Students Return

Kuwait City, 10 October 2021: The Center for Learning, Teaching, and Research (CTLR), in coordination with the IT Department, at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) hosted a set of workshops for university faculty members in order to introduce them to the new hybrid teaching system. The workshops were held on campus and were instructed by Head of CTLR, Dr. Noura Al-Jeri, and Head of the IT Department, Dr. Taher Ali.

GUST faculty and Teaching Assistants were introduced to the new smart interactive classroom screens, allowing faculty to interact and deliver their lectures to both in-person and remote students based on their given schedules. The technology enables active learning through direct engagement with the course content and material while enhancing classroom management. Introducing this technology came in response to the General Secretariat of Private Universities Council (PUC) recommendations and instructions of conducting a hybrid learning model to connect to students while fulfilling Kuwait’s Ministry of Health guidelines and maintaining a safe learning environment.

Head of CTLR, Dr. Noura Al-Jeri said “With the start of the new (hybrid) academic year, we are delighted to see GUST faculty members and students back on Campus while staying safe and well. The newly installed smart interactive screens will ease the communication and uplift the level of interaction between students and instructors even beyond the hybrid learning phase. GUST aims to spread the culture of knowledge transfer and technology-aided teaching and learning methods in Kuwait. We aspire to promote and offer creative and innovative learning techniques through various professional development skills for educators and extracurricular activities for students.”

These workshops have allowed faculty to begin giving lectures from classrooms since October 3rd, which is GUST’s date for students return to campus after 590 days of remote learning due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. GUST is dedicated to providing the utmost in teaching and learning experience for its faculty and students, while pushing the boundaries of innovation with the new hybrid teaching system. Students will be able to continue remote and in class learning for the 2021/22 academic year, utilizing the latest in science and technology for greater academic excellence.

GUST Establishes First Ever Translation Internship Program

Kuwait City, 29 June 2021: Gulf University for Science and Technology launched the Translation Internship Program, which is the first program in Kuwait that provides translation students with a chance to boost their professional careers in the field of translation. The internship program is organized by the English department’s Post-Doctoral Researcher, Dr. Asmaa Alduhaim, and was in a collaboration with Kuwait State Television - Channel 2 (KTV2) and Ahli United Bank (AUB). The program was held over a two-month period at both institutions starting in April and ending in June.

Five students enrolled in the program this year, including Mariam Safar and Hessa Al-Toum who were placed as translators at KTV2. Their training included translating Kuwaiti songs, Kuwaiti TV shows, and world news. They also developed their skills in creating subtitles as well as learning the difference between audiovisual translation and other types of translation. Students Nabaa Alhaddad, Mohammed Al-baba, and Shahad Alzaid were placed as translators at Ahli United Bank in Kuwait where they attended several training sessions that instructed them on how to translate technically demanding texts related to banking procedures, documents and letters.

Post-doctoral Researcher at the English Department, Dr. Asmaa Alduhaim, said “This program is a practical introduction to the field of Translation Studies, and an amazing insight into a translators’ career. The internship program is an excellent opportunity to develop your translation skills, congratulations on the five students who completed the internship, a job well done.”

The Translation Internship Program introduces the students to the real-world experience and further gained a better understanding of their potential career and its challenges. The internship further provided students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in a work setting.


GUST Hosts 22nd Annual Career Fair

Kuwait City, 23 June 2021: Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) held its 22nd Annual Career Fair virtual for current GUST students and alumni to attend. The event, which hosted 33 different companies from various sectors, aimed at connecting GUST students and alumni with potential career opportunities. The Career Fair was held virtually on Khibra, a Kuwait-based platform that offers employment services for university graduates in the Middle East.

The businesses sponsoring this year’s event included Diamond Sponsors: Kuwait Finance House, Boubyan Bank, and Alghanim Industries, Platinum Sponsors: Kuwait International Bank, Gold Sponsors: Warba Bank and Dhaman Health, and In-Kind Sponsors Deliveroo. 27 companies participated at the event from a wide range of business sectors which included: Gulf Insurance Group, Pencilvent, KNET, Kuwait Oil Company, and Coded. Additionally, Virigin Mobile made their first appearance ever at this year’s Career Fair.

The Career Fair is one of the most prominent events the university organizes each year as it helps ensure a smooth transition for students into the work force after graduation. GUST continuously works on improving the event by providing a wide variety of different employers to cater to graduates’ interests and talents. The event was divided into two days of group sessions and seminars as well as 1-on-1 sessions where individuals could meet with prospective employers virtually to network with and apply for possible internships or full time positions.Partnering with Khibra will provide students with an efficient and streamlined experience in finding the right job opportunity using detailed analytics, providing GUST with an event hosting platform that will bridge employers and alumni. Khibra partners with more than 140 employers to access the latest entry-level opportunities in the market allowing students and graduates search for and apply to their job of choice. For GUST, Khibra’s event management tool allows the university to extend virtual career fairs, informational sessions, and 1-on-1 invitations to interested employers. Such capabilities enable GUST to expose its students to opportunities during and after their academic experience. The features also allow GUST to conduct surveys to gather feedback from participating employers about its students and young alumni.

Head of the Alumni Office, Hebah Al-Roumi, said “The 22nd Annual Career Fair being the first ever virtual Fair is a proud achievement for the Alumni Office highlighting the dedication to current students and Alumni alike. We are thankful to all our sponsors and participants who helped make this occasion and insightful one for the GUST community. We also would like to thank Khibra who have offered a great platform to streamline networking between students and alumni, universities, and companies. A big thank you goes out to everyone involved in making this an excellent Career Fair.”

The Alumni Office also provided other materials to attendees such as informational videos posted on social media that included career tips from successful alumni. Attendees also got a chance to look at the Career Fair Magazine which offered business insight by industry experts and shared the stories of successful peers in the job market.

Computer Science Hosts Virtual Seminar on Data Access Management and Indoor Localization

Kuwait City, 27 May 2021: GUST organized its fourth and final Research Webinar for the 2020/21 academic year. It was led by Assistant Professor of Computer Science at GUST, Dr. Israa Hussein, who gave a talk titled: "Highlights of Research in Data Access Management and Indoor Localization”. The lecture was held on May 24 via Microsoft Teams and was open to all students and faculty.

During the webinar, Dr. Hussein discussed two of her main research areas and ideas. The first was about data access management, in which she gave an overview of classical data access management methods such as: role-based access control and Hippocratic database then explained her new data access management method; called chain-ontology, which is the methodology she followed, as well as the experiments and the results she got. Dr. Hussein then moved to her second research idea "The Indoor Localization", in which she explained the mathematical background and the machine learning algorithms she applied to get the best positioning system with least error margin.

Dr. Hussein is a member of the IEEE-Computer society and received several research grants, and had a patent and study agreement proposals with IBM.

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Dr. Fadi Dib, said “The aim of this webinar was to inspire students to be involved in the research process by having Dr. Hussein talked them about her research journey and set an example to the different research stages such as: the literature review, system design and experiments. On the other hand, this was also a good opportunity for other Faculty members to view her work and think of potential academic collaborations.”

The Research Webinar is a set of academic events hosted by the Computer Science Department with an emphasis on scientific research from local and regional scholars. These webinars share GUSTs mission in producing well rounded individuals by expanding their horizons with various informative academic events.

GUST Sponsors 11th QS Maple Conference

Kuwait City, 28 March 2021: Gulf University of Science and Technology sponsored the 11th QS Maple conference. The conference spanned three days between the 23rd and 25th of March, and it was also the second edition to be held virtually since its inception. QS Maple’s organizing partner for 2021 was Prince Mohammed Bin Fahad University, based in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The theme for this year’s edition was “The Future Today: Sustainable growth towards 2030”.

The goals of the conference included networking both professionally and on behalf of the institution, the opportunity to meet decision-makers and experts relevant to the Middle East and Africa in one place. Professional development by sharing best practices by a diverse set of institutions. As well as trend watching and research by engaging first-hand with knowledgeable participants from the region and beyond. Lastly, promotion of one’s institution to global peers for potential collaboration and all-round branding. The attendants included public officials and policymakers, senior or rising education administrators, professors, Ph.D. students, international quality assurance agencies, and various NGO’s.

Among the key guest speakers were Dr. Issaa H. AlAnsari, President of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University; Haifa Al Kaylani, Founder & Chairman, Arab International Women’s Forum and Commissioner; Ashwin Fernandes, Regional Director – Middle East, North Africa & South Asia, QS Quacquarelli Symonds; and Andrew MacFarlane, Rankings Manager, QS Quacquarelli Symonds.

GUST’s Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Bassam Alameddine said, “The conference is amongst the most adequate regional platforms that allows us to show fellow institutions of higher education the mission and values that GUST represents in the community. Strategically, it was important to disclose how far GUST has come since its inception and the ambitious future plans that we have as a leading institute in the GCC.”

QS MAPLE is designed for senior and rising higher education leaders, as well as academics, who are interested in the advancement of higher education in the Middle East and Africa in an international context. GUST’s sponsorship demonstrates its commitment to engaging with brilliant minds from around the world to exchange ideas and find innovative solutions to new-world problems.

GUST Celebrates National and Liberation Days

GUST marked the occasion of the National & Liberation Days with week-long festivities organized by the Office of Student Life, in collaboration with the Student Association. The celebrations rounded up a host of activities including the announcement of Club of the Year, the complete redecoration of the campus in the style of old Kuwait, and a spectacular performance of nationalism inspired musical featuring original music and songs composed for the occasion.

All festivities were attended by GUST’s President, Professor Walid Bouhamra, BOT members, GUST management including VP of Academic Affairs, Dr. Fahed Al-Sumait, VP of Professional Development and Community Engagement, Dr. Ahmed Al-Darbas, and HR Director, Nawaf Al-Khalaf, as well as crowds of students, staff, and faculty; all to show their support.

GUST also had the honor of welcoming special guests to the festivities, including: Ambassador of Somalia to Kuwait, H.E. Abduallah Mohammad Adawa, Professor of Political Science at Kuwait University, Dr. Ghanem Al-Najjar, Cultural Affairs Officer at the US Embassy to Kuwait, Mr. Nelson Wen, and Country Director of Kuwait at the British Council, Mr. Michael Gordon.

In honor of Kuwait’s history, the campus was redecorated into a mini Mubarakiya Souq creation, to reflect Kuwait’s past. The main campus concourses were adorned with traditional wooden arches named after Kuwait’s old renowned areas, lit doorways, and windows. What’s more, pop up stalls reminiscent of those from the pre-oil days were set up, with craftsmen such as basket weavers, gold crafters, perfumers, and artisans emphasizing old Kuwaiti professions added to the atmosphere. Also set up on campus was a wall, with graffiti created by a GUST student reminiscent of the famous wall in the actual Mubarakiya Souq which features various characters and references to Kuwaiti culture. GUST’s mascot was also involved in the activities, joining the buzz on campus dressed in traditional Kuwaiti clothes. Flags were raised all over campus, and the atmosphere on campus exuded feelings of nostalgia to emphasize the Kuwaiti spirit.

The week of celebrations kicked off with the National Anthem & Flag Ceremony by the student-led Technology Club, which was then followed by a Treasure Hunt organized by the Office of Student Life, which 10 teams participated in. It was a fun start to the week as the teams rushed around campus finding clues and solving puzzles which were inspired by Kuwait. Immediately after, the Office of Student Life celebrated GUST’s most active and contributory student clubs by awarding the Club of the Year to the Public Relations Club due to their outstanding event organization, and honored the Management Club as the Social Club of the Year for their ability to connect with the student body in a creative, effective manner.

The second day of the festivities also started with a flag ceremony, and also saw GUST open its doors to close to 30 different schools which were welcomed on campus for the university’s annual Open House event. The goal of the event was to invite students on campus to introduce them to the university and its services, as well as try to inspire patriotism and instill our cultural values. Students also had the chance to witness the main ‘GUST x Kuwait Tribute Performance’. Spectators on campus watched a stunning musical performance dedicated to our beloved country, Kuwait, featuring 30 girls in a traditional dance, with a custom song with original lyrics by Kuwaiti musician, Bashar Al Shatti, sung by renowned vocalist Marwa Ben Sghaiyer, and executed by Joy Productions and 8K Media. This was followed by a traditional Kuwaiti sword bands who were ushered in after the tribute and performed as they made their way from the North and West entrances towards the center of campus.

To add to the atmosphere and give a sense of history to students and campus visitors, activities were available over the course of the week and included traditional performances by our Art & Music Department, a Craftsmen Museum by the Human Rights and Islamic Finance Clubs, traditional games by the Anime Club, a Kuwait History Timeline Exhibition by the Bayan Cultural Club, henna drawings by the Human Development Club. All of which were complemented by insightful seminars by Dr. Ghanem Al Najjar on Invasion memories and consequences, Ms. Alia Al Khaled on the role of women in the country, and by Dr. Ali Dashti, Dr. Al-baraa Al-tourah, and Dr. Talal Al Mutairi on the role of PR in communicating with the public.


GUST Hosts Over 50 High Schools in Open Day on Campus

GUST welcomed students from over 50 different high schools around Kuwait in an open day, which also coincided with National Day celebrations at the university. The visitors, which consisted of both male and female students from private and government schools, got to explore the university and partake in several activities on the campus over two days.

The Open House, organized by the Student Recruitment & Outreach Department, is an annual event whose goal is to open GUST’s doors and showcase the very best the university has to offer. As this year’s event runs parallel to the university’s National Day festivities, visitors will have a chance to experience GUTS’s creative and energetic spirit, a notion which is emblematic of student life at the university.

Head of Student Recruitment, Hebah Al-Roumi, said, “It is always a great experience when we have a group of enthusiastic high school students on our campus. We take this opportunity very seriously – but with a lighthearted temperament as it provides a chance to help prospective students determine the right academic paths for them, and find out more about the programs they are interested in. We also encourage them to talk our faculty and interact with students in order to get a better idea of how well the environment matches their own interests, and to explore the kinds of options and experiences they can expect.”

The students started their visit with a warm welcome at the W6-Hall, prior to being taken on a guided tour of the campus and its facilities, which included the A. M. Al-Refai Library, followed by Gulf Financial center , the Art & Music Department, radio & TV studios, gym, swimming pool.

After the tour, the students were greeted by Professor Walid Bouhamra, GUST president, who met with and spoke to the students about the university and what they can expect when they start their academic journey at GUST. The students were then given the opportunity to meet and converse with various university department personnel, including the Office of Student Life, One Stop Student Services Center, College of Business Administration, College of Arts and Sciences, Athletics Department, the Office of International Programs, the Foundation Program Unit and the Admissions and Registration Department, to ask specific questions pertaining to their individual needs.

To end their visit, the students were able to witness the spectacular performances and bands that were performing at the University for the National Day Festivities, and were able to enjoy the different activities and games on campus set up for the occasion.

This year’s Open Day is the fourth to be organized by GUST, and is just one of many ways that the university openly and actively engages with high school students. Throughout the year, GUST participates in all of the major educational exhibitions, and hosts events that further connects the university with prospective students.


GUST Hosts KFAS Kuwait Prize Recipients for ‘KFAS Talks’ Event

GUST welcomed five recipients of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) Kuwait Prize, which was held under the patronage and presence of H.H. the Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. The recipients met with the senior management at the university and gave lectures that summarize their research endeavors to GUST faculty and students. This event comes as part of the university’s efforts in extending its international network of academic research.

The recipients of the KFAS Kuwait Prize included Professor Amaney Jamal, Economics & Social Sciences prize category winner, Edwards S. Sanford Professor of Politics at Princeton University and Director of the Mamdouha S. Bobst Center for Peace and Justice.Her talk provided an overview of the Arab Barometer Project, the largest public opinion project in the Arab region. Project results highlighted trends in attitudes about social, political, and economic life across several countries in the region.

Professor Mohamad Shahine, Studies in Foreign Languages & Literature prize category winner and Honorary Professor at the University of Jordan, discussed The Portrait of Othello in Said's Discourse and Tayeb Saleh's Season of Migration to the North.

The event also welcomed Professor Nader Masmoudi, Basic Science prize category winner, Professor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University and Affiliate Professor at NYU-Abu Dhabi. Prof. Masmoudi dove into the subject of recent progress in the study fluid dynamics, more precisely, on the Prandtl system and the zero-viscosity limit.

Professor Omar Farha, Environmental Science prize category winner and Professor of Chemistry at Northwestern University shed light on potential collaboration initiatives.

And finally, Professor Ali Omlil, Economics & Social Sciences category winner, the former Moroccan Ambassador in Lebanon, discussed references of the Arab renaissance.

The awardees were also able to participate in a leadership meeting with GUST’s senior management including: GUST President, Professor Walid Bouhamra, Academic Consultant Professor Jasem Abdulsalam, Dr. Fahad Al-Sumait, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ahmad Al-Darbas, Vice President for Professional Development and Community Services, and Director of the Graduate Studies and Research Office, Professor Bassam Alameddine. Both sides discussed ideas for future potential collaboration as well as ways in order to strengthen and develop research and educational initiatives that benefit GUST.

KFAS’s Kuwait Prize aims at recognizing the lifetime achievements of Arab scientists across the globe, this prestigious prize was introduced in 1979. The Kuwait prize has witnessed a surge of applications from Arab researchers everywhere, and is awarded in five fields: Basic Sciences, Applied Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences, Art and Literature, and Arabic & Islamic Scientific Heritage. The prizes are awarded to the most innovative work published within the last twenty years.

Bringing these great minds together to share their knowledge in ‘KFAS Prize Talks’ is part of GUST strategic objectives to enhance its research in order to position the university as a leading academic institute and a flagship research hub locally, regionally, and internationally.

GUST Hosts Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Informatics Award 2019 Closing Ceremony

GUST hosted the closing ceremony of the Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Informatics Award, under the patronage and attendance of Sheikha Aida Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah, on its campus last week. The event was led by Himma Tech and the Kuwait Innovation Center. The event was also attended by GUST Board of Trustees Chairman, Mr. Mohammad Al-Bahar, alongside management representatives from local universities, and all the students who participated in the qualifying hackathons.

The event started with a showcase of the top three projects from each participating university, including: GUST, Australian College of Kuwait, Algonquin College, Arab Open University, Kuwait University, Kuwait College of Science & Technology, and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training. The projects were all viewed by Sheikha Aida Salem Al-Ali as well as all the representatives from the local universities.

The ceremony was opened with a few speeches from the Awards Organizing Committee Chair, Engineer Bassam Al-Shammari, as well as the Founder of Himma Tech, Jassem Al-Mutawa, and the CEO of Kuwait Innovation Center, Engineer Mohammad Al-Rifae. The audience also to view a behind the scenes video that showcased all the students hardwork over the last few weeks to reach this stage.

The first-place winners from all universities got the chance to present their projects to the audience live as well, all of which were designed and implemented physical and digital products that promote positive social impact. GUST’s winning, Lulwah AlDyouly, Dalal AlMaghrabi, Zahraa Mahdi, Omar Tawfik and Ahmad AlDabak, presented their project the ‘Heat Glove’ which is tech glove that can sense the temperature of various objects, intended for the use in the industrial sector. The team has qualified to compete with the rest of the winners to compete in the regional competition as one team representing Kuwait.

The competition launched in 2001 in Kuwait and has since expanded into include competitors from around the world. The main aim of the prize is to encourage and promote the creation of digital solutions and innovation. GUST is always encouraging and supporting its students to take advantage of such opportunities and push their own boundaries, in order to develop and grow not only academically, but individually as well.


English Club Hosts Poetry Competition

Kuwait City, 26 April 2021: The English Club at GUST, hosted a poetry competition for the whole student body and was also open to high school students. The competition concludes on May 8 with the winners chosen by the English Club’s judging committee.