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Student Trips

Student Trips:


The Office of Student Life (OSL) is responsible for any student trip local/abroad whether it was a student club trip or any other trip that involves students. The trips should be reviewed and approved by OSL in order to maintain the quality of the activity and the safety of our students.


 - All proposed student trips will be reviewed by the Office of Student Life and signed by the travelling individuals.

 - A trip form should be filled and signed when conducting a local or international trip to avoid liability issues.

 - Any trip conducted abroad should be supervised by an official staff member from GUST staff or faculty to assure the safety of our students, the club should get an approval of OSL and the supervisor.

 - The student club is obliged to submit to OSL a brief report about the trip, the travelers conduct and the trips achievements. This report should be reviewed and approved by the student club president and the trip supervisor.