About CAMB

The Center for Applied Mathematics and Bioinformatics (CAMB) is an interdisciplinary center conducts top-level research areas. It combines expertise from computational sciences, engineering, biosciences, economics, finance, and chemistry. The overarching aim is to promote collaborative and multidisciplinary activities between academia, industry and society enabled by computational science. The center resides since 2016 at the Gulf University of Science and technology (GUST) in Kuwait and has been established.

Unlocking Innovation

The uniqueness of the CAMB center stems from interdisciplinary research from diverse five cross-cutting research areas: (i) Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, (ii) Computational Finance and Economics, (iii) Data Science & Statistical Modeling, (iv) Scientific Computing, and (v) Cheminformatics and Molecular Modeling.

Our Mission

To achieve national and international prominence by providing and implementing interdisciplinary research on the broad array of subjects that cover the interface between computational sciences and experimental sciences, as well as foster excellent wholesome education and research opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and partners.

Our Vision

To be a leader in computational sciences that focus on collaboration to develop new ways of thinking for effective real-world solutions of complex systems where computational and predictive modeling plays a fundamental role. We fulfill our mission and accomplish our vision by acting as a team and have interest in cross disciplinary fields.

Our Values

To promote integrity, innovation, excellence, and engage a broad group of faculty from throughout the Kuwaiti community and internationally.

Our Goals

  • Research: Provide a research atmosphere that is of a recognizable national and international standard.
  • Interaction: Alleviate interactions between and within academia and industry.
  • Interest: Attract top students to the field of computational sciences.