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1. Mission of the CAMB

The center was launched on February 14th 2016, and is an international partnership with the Laboratory for Molecular & Cellular Dynamics (Zaman’s Lab) at Boston University.

The center aims to conduct and facilitate interdisciplinary research in applied, computational, and experimental sciences at Gulf University for Science and Technology. The center focuses on fundamental and application-oriented research for the benefit of the community; and intends to provide innovative solutions for fundamental and applied problems. Research within the center is oriented to a variety of areas, especially, ones with high interest and vital importance in Kuwait, with a high focus on Mathematical Biology and Computational Sciences areas of research.

One of the missions of CAMB is to serve as a point of connection between GUST researchers in Applied Mathematics and Sciences, and their worldwide international collaborators and partners. The center is currently run by faculty from the Department of Mathematics & Natural Sciences and from the Department of Computer Science at GUST. The CAMB is currently conducting research on different projects, in close collaboration with Zaman’s Lab at Boston University and other individual collaborators.


2. Role of the CAMB and Areas of Interest

CAMB is committed to conduct interdisciplinary research in different areas of Mathematics and Science. A variety of technical problems are solved more efficiently when addressed by interdisciplinary research teams. The research within the center is focused, but not limited, to the following major areas of interest:


a. Mathematical Biology

One of the main research areas in the center is Mathematical Biology. Research in this area is conducted in partnership with Prof. Muhammad Hamid Zaman, the director of the Laboratory for Molecular & Cellular Dynamics at Boston University.


b. Applied and Computational Mathematics

Research in this area covers wide areas of topics in applied and computational mathematics in general, numerical analysis, mathematical solutions to engineering problems, financial mathematics, computational statistics, and other related areas.


c. Natural and Experimental Sciences

Research in this area covers wide areas of topics in experimental and applied sciences such as: physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science.


d. Computational Intelligence and Data Mining

Research in this area covers wide areas of topics in super computation, image analysis and processing, and data mining.


3. CAMB mission and GUST Strategic Plan (“University of Choice”)

The CAMB aims to support in cementing the legacy of GUST in the region and in the world as an academic institution promoting research. In this sense, CAMB is committed to conduct innovative research in order to enrich the research experience at GUST.