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Fourth Annual Student Symposium

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences organized its 4th Undergraduate Symposium on Wednesday, April 18, titled “Themes, Challenges and Perspectives in Humanities and Social Sciences."

The symposium serves as a showcase for undergraduate research in all fields of Humanities and Social Sciences and provides students with the opportunity to experience an academic conference.
The symposium is part of the Department’s ongoing effort “to promote high-quality undergraduate research and scholarship, and to foster an undergraduate culture in which students are encouraged and supported to pursue research.” 
During the symposium, students presented their research and interacted with both faculty and fellow students in what turned out to be a vibrant and enriching environment. Presenting students were awarded certificates of appreciation from the Department and the College of Arts and Sciences in recognition of their commendable contribution.

The symposium on Wednesday comes after the Department suspended organizing the event last year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

18 April 2022 to 19 April 2022