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GUST Holds Third Student Research Symposium

8 April 2019 to 22 April 2019

GUST held its Third Student Research Symposium, entitled: Themes, Challenges and Perspectives in the Humanities and Social Sciences,on its campus. The symposium served as a showcase for undergraduates to present research they conducted in the field of humanities and social sciences and also provided students with the opportunity to experience an academic conference.  



The symposium included five panels, moderated by faculty members from the Humanities and Social Sciences, including: Perceptions of Art by Dr. Thorsten Botz, Social Forces and How They Shape Societies by Drs Saleh Al-Nafisi & Noreen Khan, Inclusion as a Moral Imperative by Dr. Angela Brunstein, Latin America and Its Cultural Processes by Dr. Angela Gonzalez-Echeverry, & Representation and Discourses of Latin America During the Colonial Time and Independence Period by Dr. Mauricio Duarte.


14 students from different majors presented their research at the symposium, including:

·      Dalal Al-Hadad: The Gulf War: How Photography Changes the Emotional Perspective of War  

·      Muna Al-Mutaani: The Aesthetics of Murder 

·      Hawraa Ali: Through the Eyes of a Kaleidoscope

·      Sally Al-Ayoub & Badria Al-Boloushi: Feminism 

·      Dalal Al-Hadad: Media as a Tool of Hegemony 

·      Ibrahim Al-Shatti: The Battle Within 

·      Samah Abubaker Ibrahim: Fostering Togetherness

·      Zienab Abulkhair: To Grant or Not to Grant? 

·      Sundos Al-Ashqar: From Mount Hermon to the Andes Mountains: Who Are They?

·      Halemah Jasem: Representation of Slavery in Latin American Culture 

·      Sapeka Al-Zanki: The Popularity of Pablo Escobar in Kuwait 

·      Lulwah Ben Hai: The Falling of the Hispanic Monarchy: Effects on Culture 

·      Jana Al-Jaber: The Perception of One is Not Always Real 

·      Ameera Al-Otaibi: What is the Price of Demanding Freedom and Dignity? 



The Humanities and Social Sciences Department organizes this symposium annually to promote undergraduate high-quality research, increase scholarship opportunities, and foster a culture in which students are encouraged to do research in the fields they are passionate about. GUST is a major knowledge hub that continuously provides students with opportunities to develop their skills and ensure their smooth transition into their careers after graduation.