Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11, "Sustainable Cities and Communities," underscores the importance of creating urban environments that are inclusive, safe, resilient, and environmentally sustainable. Kuwait, with its rapidly growing urban centers, recognizes the significance of this goal, and GUST Gulf University actively contributes to fostering sustainable cities and communities within Kuwait.

Sustainable Cities and Communities in Kuwait:

Kuwait has initiated several strategies to promote sustainable urban development:

1. Urban Planning: Kuwait emphasizes responsible urban planning and design to ensure that its cities are well-organized, resilient to climate change, and capable of accommodating growing populations.

2. Infrastructure Development: The country invests in modern infrastructure, including transportation networks, public spaces, and amenities, to enhance the quality of life for its citizens.

3. Environmental Protection: Kuwait is taking measures to protect its natural environment, preserve green spaces, and improve waste management systems to create cleaner and healthier urban areas.

4. Affordable Housing: The government addresses housing affordability to ensure that citizens have access to quality housing, reducing homelessness and overcrowding.

GUST Gulf University's Contribution:

GUST Gulf University actively promotes sustainable cities and communities through various initiatives:

1. Sustainable Campus: GUST has implemented sustainable practices on its campus, including energy-efficient buildings, waste reduction programs, and green spaces. The university sets an example of environmentally responsible infrastructure.

2. Research and Education: GUST offers academic programs and conducts research focused on urban sustainability, city planning, and community development. Faculty and students engage in projects that address urban challenges.

3. Community Engagement: The university collaborates with local authorities and community organizations on projects related to sustainable development and community empowerment. These partnerships aim to address local challenges and enhance community well-being.

4. Sustainable Transportation: GUST encourages eco-friendly transportation options among students and staff, reducing the carbon footprint associated with commuting.

Kuwait's commitment to SDG 11 is evident in its efforts to create sustainable cities and communities, enhancing the quality of life for its residents. GUST Gulf University complements these efforts by incorporating sustainable practices into its operations, conducting research, and actively engaging with the community to address urban challenges. Together, Kuwait and institutions like GUST work towards a more sustainable and inclusive future, aligning with the principles of SDG 11 and promoting the well-being of cities and communities in the country.

GUST Students Present Housing Solution

Kuwait City, 4 March 2021: Students from GUSTs Real Estate Investment course were presented with an award by former Minister of State for Housing Affairs, Dr. Abdullah Marafie, for their project proposing a solution to the housing issue in Kuwait. They are Zainab Baydoun, Al Hatoon Al-Jneai, Deema Alissa, Ranofa Al-Abdulmughni, Rayan Sameer Saeed, Kawther Oudeh, and Loloh Al-Aladsani.

The students worked together to create a project after realizing the potential use of certain parts of Kuwait City. They proposed the use of 400,000 square meters adjacent to Al-Shaheed Park, and across from The Public Institution for Social Security on Al-Soor Street. This will develop an inner-city with residential towers and potentially allow for 4000 new housing applications which will contributing to solving the housing issue in the country.

Real Estate Investment student, Ms. Zainab Baydoun, said “that most of the material we learned in class was applicable to the real world thus creating a practical experience for us as students. We also learned more as a team on how to create, develop, and execute solutions.”

Professor of the Real Estate Investment course, Dr. Abdallah Al-Falah, said, “the housing issue is of the most significant importance for families in Kuwait, challenging Kuwaiti citizens' lifestyle. This project proposes a realistic solution of integrating the capital with residential apartment buildings that meet all the requirements. I am proud to have taught this course, the only of its kind in Kuwait, at GUST. I am also proud of my students for taking an interest in helping their country but, more importantly, in facing the challenge and believing in themselves to make a change. This is evidence that we have to support the youth because they are the key for our future.”

During the 2020 Pandemic, GUST opened its facilities in support of the Ministry of Health, to allow for 290 individuals to finish their 14-day quarantine. In 2015, the PR Club compiled 56 tons of donated clothes for the Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan. The housing project represents a long standing tradition of the GUST community taking on real life problems and creating initiatives as well as solutions.


GUST Celebrates National and Liberation Days

GUST marked the occasion of the National & Liberation Days with week-long festivities organized by the Office of Student Life, in collaboration with the Student Association. The celebrations rounded up a host of activities including the announcement of Club of the Year, the complete redecoration of the campus in the style of old Kuwait, and a spectacular performance of nationalism inspired musical featuring original music and songs composed for the occasion.

All festivities were attended by GUST’s President, Professor Walid Bouhamra, BOT members, GUST management including VP of Academic Affairs, Dr. Fahed Al-Sumait, VP of Professional Development and Community Engagement, Dr. Ahmed Al-Darbas, and HR Director, Nawaf Al-Khalaf, as well as crowds of students, staff, and faculty; all to show their support.

GUST also had the honor of welcoming special guests to the festivities, including: Ambassador of Somalia to Kuwait, H.E. Abduallah Mohammad Adawa, Professor of Political Science at Kuwait University, Dr. Ghanem Al-Najjar, Cultural Affairs Officer at the US Embassy to Kuwait, Mr. Nelson Wen, and Country Director of Kuwait at the British Council, Mr. Michael Gordon.

In honor of Kuwait’s history, the campus was redecorated into a mini Mubarakiya Souq creation, to reflect Kuwait’s past. The main campus concourses were adorned with traditional wooden arches named after Kuwait’s old renowned areas, lit doorways, and windows. What’s more, pop up stalls reminiscent of those from the pre-oil days were set up, with craftsmen such as basket weavers, gold crafters, perfumers, and artisans emphasizing old Kuwaiti professions added to the atmosphere. Also set up on campus was a wall, with graffiti created by a GUST student reminiscent of the famous wall in the actual Mubarakiya Souq which features various characters and references to Kuwaiti culture. GUST’s mascot was also involved in the activities, joining the buzz on campus dressed in traditional Kuwaiti clothes. Flags were raised all over campus, and the atmosphere on campus exuded feelings of nostalgia to emphasize the Kuwaiti spirit.

The week of celebrations kicked off with the National Anthem & Flag Ceremony by the student-led Technology Club, which was then followed by a Treasure Hunt organized by the Office of Student Life, which 10 teams participated in. It was a fun start to the week as the teams rushed around campus finding clues and solving puzzles which were inspired by Kuwait. Immediately after, the Office of Student Life celebrated GUST’s most active and contributory student clubs by awarding the Club of the Year to the Public Relations Club due to their outstanding event organization, and honored the Management Club as the Social Club of the Year for their ability to connect with the student body in a creative, effective manner.

The second day of the festivities also started with a flag ceremony, and also saw GUST open its doors to close to 30 different schools which were welcomed on campus for the university’s annual Open House event. The goal of the event was to invite students on campus to introduce them to the university and its services, as well as try to inspire patriotism and instill our cultural values. Students also had the chance to witness the main ‘GUST x Kuwait Tribute Performance’. Spectators on campus watched a stunning musical performance dedicated to our beloved country, Kuwait, featuring 30 girls in a traditional dance, with a custom song with original lyrics by Kuwaiti musician, Bashar Al Shatti, sung by renowned vocalist Marwa Ben Sghaiyer, and executed by Joy Productions and 8K Media. This was followed by a traditional Kuwaiti sword bands who were ushered in after the tribute and performed as they made their way from the North and West entrances towards the center of campus.

To add to the atmosphere and give a sense of history to students and campus visitors, activities were available over the course of the week and included traditional performances by our Art & Music Department, a Craftsmen Museum by the Human Rights and Islamic Finance Clubs, traditional games by the Anime Club, a Kuwait History Timeline Exhibition by the Bayan Cultural Club, henna drawings by the Human Development Club. All of which were complemented by insightful seminars by Dr. Ghanem Al Najjar on Invasion memories and consequences, Ms. Alia Al Khaled on the role of women in the country, and by Dr. Ali Dashti, Dr. Al-baraa Al-tourah, and Dr. Talal Al Mutairi on the role of PR in communicating with the public.


GUST hosts the founding general meeting of the Kuwait Green Building Council and the launch of “Mustadam” Initiative

GUST hosted and supported the launch of the Kuwait Green Building Council (KGBC). The KGBC is a national, non-profit organization that is committed to developing a sustainable property sector for Kuwait by encouraging the adoption of green building practices.

The launch started with a reception and an opening speech by founding members: Dr. Sulaiman T. Al-Abduljader, Founding Chairman and Assistant Professor of Real Estate and Finance at GUST, Abdullah Al-Mutairi, Founding Vice Chairman, Eng. Mohammad Al-Dowaisan, Founding Secretary, Eng. Hamad Al-Qattan, Founding Treasurer, Nora Zehery, Founding Board Member and Eng. Abdullah Fahhad, Founding Board Member.

Dr. Sulaiman Tareq Al-Abduljader, said in his opening remark, “We are honored today to launch the Kuwait Green Building Council (KGBC) after 15 months of committed team work with the founding members.” The KGBC aims topromote sustainable buildings by illustrating the positive effects on climate protection, resource consumption, health, quality and efficiency, the economy, and the labor market. The green building market currently has exceeded $600 billion in value and is expected to grow at double digit rates due to its economic feasibility in addition to its contribution to substantially reducing energy consumption. It is, therefore, the KGBC’s mission to encourage and engage both public and private sectors to adopt sustainable measures in the development sector in Kuwait.

Further, Mr. Abdullah Al-Mutairi said “KGBC is also committed to become the independent median to link green related technologies to the market. Al-Mutairi talked about the KGBC pre-establishment and the procedures and research that had to be perfected for the launch. While Mr. Hamad Al-Qattan, touched on that scientific/technical findings, reports about practice, and the projects implemented and certified shall be published to reach a broader audience.

Ms. Nora Zehery clarified the KGBC vision, to drive the transition of the Kuwait property sector towards sustainability by promoting green programs, technologies, design practice and operations as well as the integration of green building initiatives into mainstream design, construction and the operation of buildings.

The Founding Members also discussed the “Mustadam” Initiative which entails a country wide campaign involving government authorities, private sectors, academia, media and individuals collectively endorsing the green-related projects and initiatives in Kuwait. The campaign shall incorporate the social, economic and cultural benefits and effects of supporting green buildings on our lives and society in general. It is expected that a large media campaign shall accompany the initiative to underline the individuals and reputable institutions endorsing the initiative.

The founding board members also thanked the corporate founders for supporting the development of the council in its early stage. The corporate founding members are GUST, National Technology Enterprises Company, Al-Argan International Real Estate Company SignDesign, and Remas Group.

GUST is proud to support initiatives and establishments that believe in and help in the development of its grander community, as it does.