Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication

The B.A. in Mass Communication is a degree program that allows the student to emphasize a particular field of study (Digital Media Production, Public Relation & Advertising, or Visual Communication).

Degree Requirements

All Mass Communication majors are required to complete 45 credit hours within the major. The following coursework is required:

  1. General Education (42 credits)
  2. Lower Division Non-Mass Communication requirements (18 credits)
  3. Mass Communication Core Requirements (15 credits)
  4. Emphasis core requirements (21 credits)
  5. Emphasis Electives (9 credits)
  6. Minor requirements (15 credits)


Internships at radio and television stations, community agencies, newspapers, public relations, marketing, and advertising firms, and a variety of business organizations provide valuable opportunities for majors to apply their communication studies. Mass Communication majors may earn a maximum of 6 credit hours for an internship in the field.

Major Sheets