Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS)

Bachelor Requirements

MIS combines and melts theories and practices from business administration, technology and social sciences. The MIS field is very interdisciplinary in nature and it crosses traditional boundaries between many academic disciplines and schools of thought. The Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems degree program at CBA is committed to preparing students to become pioneers and leaders in the area of business in general and information systems in specific in addition to equipping them with the necessary academic and practical skills needed for postgraduate study and professional certifications. To achieve this, our MIS program offers a variety of courses including systems analysis and design, object-oriented programming, database design and administration, computer and information systems, management of telecommunications and networks, e-commerce and web design.

The Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS) is typically a 120 credit-hour, four-year degree program. Students are required to complete 40 courses for graduation. The coursework includes:

RequirementCredit HoursNumber of Courses
Requirement:General Education Requirements
Credit Hours:42 credit hours
Number of Courses:14 courses
Requirement:College Requirements
Credit Hours:33 credit hours
Number of Courses:11 courses
Requirement:Major Requirements
Credit Hours:21 credit hours
Number of Courses:7 courses
Requirement:Major Electives
Credit Hours:15 credit hours
Number of Courses:5 courses
Requirement:Free Electives
Credit Hours:9 credit hours
Number of Courses:3 courses
Credit Hours:120 credit hours
Number of Courses:40 courses

Major Electives (Any 5 Courses)

In addition, Management Information Systems (MIS) students should take five major elective courses from the following list.

  • MIS 300 Mobile Application Development
  • MIS 320 Ethics in information System
  • MIS 347 Web Design
  • MIS 350 Knowledge Management
  • MIS 400 Cloud Computing
  • MIS 410 Data-mining for Business Intelligence
  • MIS 443 Business Intelligence
  • MIS 446 E-Commerce
  • MIS 448 Security and Information Systems
  • MIS 495 Special Topics in Management Information Systems
  • MIS 499 Summer Internship

Major Requirements (7 Courses)

Students who pursue a specialization in Management Information Systems (MIS) must take the following major required courses.

  • MIS 200 Information Systems Concepts and Applications
  • MIS 206 Managerial Applications of Object Oriented Programming I
  • MIS 306 Managerial Applications of Object Oriented Programming II
  • MIS 310 Information Systems Analysis
  • MIS 342 Management of Telecommunications
  • MIS 345 Database Management Systems
  • MIS 450 Information Systems Design