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Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications for the Academic year 2013-2014

Books and Book Chapters

Chen, M. M. J., & Haque, S. M. M. (2012). Visual studies 2: Reconstructing text, audience and industry. In G. C. V. Yu (Ed.), Chinese fifth generation directors and their films (pp.105-128). Taiwan, ROC: Providence University. 


Al-Sumait, Fahed (2014). Communicating Politics in Kuwait. In P. N. Howard & M M. Hussain (Eds.), State Power 2.0: Authoritarian Entrenchment and Political Engagement Worldwide. (pp. 99-112). London: Ashgate.
Al-Sumait, Fahed. (2014). A Rhetorical Tightrope: U.S. Political Discourse on Arab Democracy following the Cold War. In Kiran Prasad (Ed.), Transforming International Communication: Media, Culture and Society the Middle East. (pp. 277-328). Delhi: BR Publishing Company.


Al-Sumait, Fahed. Lenze, Nele. & Hudson, Michael. (eds). (in press). The Arab Uprisings: A cross-disciplinary examination. Rowman & Littlefield, New York.
Jeffords, Susan. & Al-Sumait, Fahed (eds.). (2015). Covering Bin Laden: Global Media and the World’s Most Wanted Man. University of Illinois Press. Champaign, IL.


Journal Articles

*Al-Kandari, A., & Hasanen, M. (2012). The impact of the internet on political attitudes in Kuwait and Egypt. Telematics and Informatics, 29(3), 245–253.


Al-Sumait, F. (2011). Public opinion discourses on democratization in the Arab Middle East. Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, 4(2), 125-145.


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Odine, M. (2011). Incorporating cross-cultural communication into higher education. Journal of Advanced Social Research, 1(2), 197-213.


Salah Alfadhli & Ali A Dashti, (2013), “The Impact of Twitter on the Voters of Parliamentary Election in Kuwait”, Journal of Social Science, Vol. 41 (2), pp. 11-18.


Dashti A (2013) The Effect of Kuwaiti Online Readers’ Comments on Sectarian and Tribal Issues: A Case Study of the Online Newspaper Alaan. J Mass Communication Journalism 3: 148.


Ali A Dashti & Salah Al-Fadhli, (2011),  “The Impact of Online Journalism on the Freedom of the Press: A Case Study of Kuwait”, Int’l J of Instructional Media, Vol. 38 (1), pp. 47-58.


Dashti, A. A. (2009), “The Role of Online Journalism in Political Disputes in Kuwait”, Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research 2: 1+2, pp. 91-112.


Yasin Al-Yasin & Ali A Dashti, (2008),  " Foreign Countries and U.S. Public Relations Firms: The Case of Three Persian Gulf States", Journal of Promotion Management, 14:355-374.


Fatmah Dashti & Ali Dashti (2001),  "Women & Media in the State of Kuwait: Female Mass Communication student's Views of Women & Media", Journal of Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, Egypt, N. 25, Part 1, pp. 33-51.


Nabil Jurdi & Ali Dashti, (1994), "Communication Policies in the State of Kuwait", College of Arts Annal Journal, Kuwait University. 


* This publication is by two faculty members in different departments and as such the publication may appear in two lists.