Childcare at GUST

GUST University in Kuwait takes pride in its commitment to supporting the diverse needs of its students, faculty, and staff.

As part of our dedication to creating an inclusive environment, we offer accessible childcare facilities that cater not only to recent mothers but also to our valued employees and staff.

We understand the importance of balancing education and work with family responsibilities, and our on-campus childcare facilities are designed to alleviate this challenge. These facilities ensure that recent mothers can attend their university courses without the worry of childcare, and our employees and staff can pursue their professional development with peace of mind.

At GUST, we believe that accessible childcare is not just a convenience; it's a crucial component of fostering a thriving and inclusive academic and professional community. We are proud to offer this support, empowering everyone to reach their fullest potential while nurturing their families.

Condition for Childcare Access

To ensure the smooth operation of our childcare facilities at GUST University and to provide equitable access to all, we kindly request that mother students or employees who wish to utilize these services present the birth certificate of their baby.

This requirement helps us maintain a safe and organized environment for all children under our care. It also assists us in managing resources effectively to continue offering this valuable service to our community at no cost.

We understand the importance of this support in balancing family and academic or professional responsibilities, and we are dedicated to making it accessible to those who need it. Rest assured that your child's well-being and your peace of mind are our top priorities, and we look forward to serving you and your family in this capacity.

Mooney Face Kindergarten School

Childcare Understanding how complicated it is to leave school when a mother being, GUST designed a space on campus to serve as a childcare for them to continue their courses, this service is also available to employees of the institution. The childcare center operates from 8 AM to 6 PM, the children that are handled are between 4 months and 5 years old.

Our Kindergarten Program provides the foundational building blocks to support the intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of early learners. Our students engage in rich and varied learning experiences in a safe and positive atmosphere. Through instructional play, they investigate, plan, create and learn with and from both the teacher and their peers. Our program is a 3 tiered approach beginning with Pre-K and concluding in KG2. While entry can be made at any point, we strongly encourage you to start your child’s educational experience in Pre-K.

It is out mission to provide an enjoyable learning environment through it's thematic play based teaching scheme, and establish a safe and comfortable home-like environment that will develop the trust and confidence of each learner. The school also aims to instill good manners enabling leaners to grow as a responsible individual. It is our vision to produce learners who are competitive and ready for higher learning that will be accepted in leading schools in Kuwait. Our values is Equality, Achievement, Nurture and Perseverance

What we Teach

Learning requires social interaction and instructional play enable early learners to practice and refine the knowledge and skills they learn during teacher directed lessons and activities. As students also learn with and from each other, play also teaches leadership and problem-solving skills along with cooperation and collaboration strategies.

Learning centers are an integral part of the Kindergarten Program as they provide both play and learning opportunities. Our centers are designed to support the lessons taught and each center has a range of activities and expectations to accommodate the learning needs of all students. They are usually designed to accommodate small groups but may also be designed for individual learning as well. While some will involve imaginative play and others support instructional practice, all centers enable students to develop their oral language skills.

GUST raises awareness on Literacy Day

The GUST English Department, organized Literacy Day, to raise awareness on the issue of literacy worldwide and its effect on future generations. A day filled with activities and collaborations filled the GUST campus including essays competition, project competition, the Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) segment and a performance reading of the known children’s book “The Gruffalo” by young children to highlight the event and a book donation drive to benefit local schools.

GUST students were encouraged to participate in an essay competition and a project competition last month and the winners were announced today at the GUST Literacy Day! In the essay competition, Mohammed Yaqoub won first place for his essay “Effects of Literacy on People,” Haneen Al-Othman in second place for “Literacy for Peace,” and Talal Al-Qaoud in third place for his essay “Effects of Literacy on People.”

As for the project competition, Deemah Al-Mulla stole the show with her Literacy Day Project reading to nursery school children weekly at the Mooney Face Pre-School. Deemah learned a lot from her experience at the preschool and said she believes she “enjoyed it as much (if not more) than the kids did!”

Following the announcement of the winners, which took place at GUST’s 8th Annual Book and Information Fair, the Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) segment followed, which was a campaign directed to students, staff and faculty to literally, drop everything and read, for 10-minutes. Many participated in this campaign. Ms. Ann Newman, instructor in the GUST English Department and one of the main organizers of Literacy Day, said, “Reading is one of the most important things you will ever learn, as it not only hones your language skills and increases your vocabulary, but also it provides the key to open a world full of knowledge. The best part is whether you’re reading in your native language or in English, reading is a transferable skill.”

And the highlight of the event, the sweet end, was a delightful performance by Dr. Hussain Al-Sharoufi’s young children, Zahra and Ali Al-Sharoufi, who played the main characters in a reading of the known children’s book “The Gruffalo,” in English and in Arabic. Many young children were in attendance including GUST students’ younger siblings and staff and faculty’s children. It was a fun event that everyone enjoyed.

The English Department would like to thank everyone who made the event possible and hopes that they can continue this tradition in the years to come.

A book drive is available for those who would like to donate books. Boxes have been set up around campus and will remain there until the end of the week, when the books will be taken to local schools.