Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department is the organizational function that deals with issues related to Employees and faculty Members, such as, Hiring, Organization Development, Safety, Wellness, Benefits, Employee Motivation, Communication, Administration and Trainings. At Gust, the Human Resources Department strives to improve the organizational system by increasing inspiration to our Employees and Faculty members to create a better working environment and create a better reputation for GUST.

Remuneration Policy

Gulf University for Science and Technology makes sure that all employees are provided with fair, equitable and competitive compensation regardless of their gender, race, color, religion, sex, age, social status, physical or mental disability or any other factor. Human Resources develops salary scale based on market compensation data obtained from professional surveys. HR also provide flexibility to adapt to market changes and imperatives. This policy was issued in 2013 and slightly modified in 2022 .

Pay scale gender equity

Section Four – Employment of Women

It is prohibited to employ women at night during the period from 10:00 at night to 7:00 in the morning. This excludes hospitals, sanatoriums, private treatment homes and establishments in respect of which a resolution by the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor shall be issued. The employer shall, in all cases referred to in this article, provide them with all security requirements as well as transportation means from and to the workplace. The working hours during the holy month of Ramadan shall be excluded.

Article (26)

A working woman shall be entitled to remuneration similar to the remuneration of a man if she performs the same kind of work.

Section One – Work Inspection

Article (133)

The competent employees designated by a resolution from the Minister shall have the capacity of judicial officers to supervise the implementation of this Law, by-laws and regulations. These employees shall perform their task with loyalty, integrity and neutrality. They shall not divulge the secrets of the employers that they become acquainted to due to the nature of their work. Each employee shall before the minister make the following oath: “I solemnly swear to perform my duties with loyalty, neutrality and integrity and to keep the confidentiality of the information I become acquainted with in the course of my work and until the end of my service.”

Article (134)

The employees referred to in the preceding Article shall have access to the establishments during the official working hours in order to inspect their records and register and request data and information related to workers. They shall have the right to test and take any samples of the materials for conducting an analysis thereof. These employees shall have the right to access areas allocated by the employer for labor services, and shall have the authority to use public security force in carrying out their duties. They shall also write violation tickets to employers and give sufficient time to remedy their violations. They may also submit violation tickets to the competent court in order to impose the penalty provided for by this Law.

Faculty Performance System - Merit Policy

GUST Faculty Performance System - Merit Policy, Point 5: Merit Calculation of the Overall Evaluation Performance, a variable ranging between 3% and 5% and is decided on a yearly basis by senior management.