Buildings and Grounds

The new Mishref campus expresses GUST’s vision of higher education in Kuwait and provides the most up-to-date facilities and environment for active learning. With its special emphasis upon science and technology, GUST’s new buildings give a strong and positive impression in terms of image, functionality, accessibility, and appearance. The architecture uses modern technology to reinforce the contributions made by the Arab and Islamic World to modern civilization.

The first phase of the Mishref campus was completed in 2007 and accommodates up to 3,400 students. Later phases will expand the University to accommodate more than 5,500 students.

Campus Diagram

The image shows an aerial view from the south-east, shows the overall shape and position of the main campus elements. The University Library, Learning Resources Center, and Administration comprise the circular building in the foreground. The six classroom wings are attached to the concourse at all three levels. The far side of the concourse has the Conference Center, on the left, and the Health and Fitness Center, on the right. An open amphitheatre provides a dramatic stage for ceremonies and performances. Open sports facilities include a football field and tennis courts.