Admission Requirements and Procedures

Admission to GUST is on a competitive basis. Regardless of the type of admission, all applicants must submit all documentation to complete the general admission requirements. GUST welcomes applications from students from all types of schools and backgrounds. We provide our students with the best educational resources and services to promote intellectual growth and career advancement. From the academic challenges encountered when adjusting to university life to the various campus activities offered for students, GUST has a diverse collection of resources available to help our students succeed both academically and personally.

Promoting Gender Equality

Gulf University for Science and Technology takes women’s applications, acceptance and completion rates very seriously. Both the Admission and Registration & Enrollment Management departments have dedicated teams to track and measure the rates mentioned on a regular basis. GUST University tracks both undergrads and postgrads female/male, international/local, and other ratios for admitted, enrolled and graduated students.