Possible Scenarios

Continuing Students

Currently – enrolled students are given the opportunity to pre-register, by appointment, according to the registration priorities announced by the registration Department.

Newly-Admitted Students

After the close of the pre-registration period, all newly-admitted students are eligible to register.

Full-Time Students

All full-time students must carry a minimum course load of 12 credits per semester (or four courses). If a scholarship student is carrying only 12 credits then they are not allowed to drop a course and if they are dropped from a course for reason of nonattendance they will receive an FA in that course irrespective of when this occurs.

The normal and recommended study load is 15 credit hours.

Students who maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 or greater may enroll in up to 21 credits.

Six credit hours is the maximum load for each of the two six-week summer session. Students with a GPA of 3.00 or higher or expecting to graduate at the end of the summer session are permitted to take three courses (nine credits) in either of the summer sessions.

The maximum number of units that can be given during the summer is fifteen.

Inactive Status

  • Students who do not enroll in a specific semester are automatically listed as inactive
  • If students, who are in good standing, wish to reactivate their enrollment in a subsequent semester they must inform the registrar’s office 30 days before the start of the semester in which they wish to enroll
  • If the inactive status has been for one year or less then the student continues on the same major sheets as they had when they became inactive
  • If the absence is greater than one year, then the students must graduate using the major sheets of the year they become reactivated
  • Inactive students who are on probation must request reactivation from the Academic Affairs Administrative Committee irrespective of the time of inactivity

Re-Admission of Inactive Students

Students who do not enroll in a given semester have their status changed from enrolled to on leave (see above). The status of students who miss two consecutive semesters will become “suspended”. Students in good academic standing (CGPA ≥ 2.00) who want to be re-enrolled must submit a re-enrollment application (change of status) to the Admissions and Registration 30 days prior to the start of the semester for which they wish to return to active status.

No more than two semesters may elapse between the date of the prior admission and the change of status application if the student is going to continue on the same major sheets. Students who absent themselves for more than two semesters must, if readmitted, follow the major requirements of the program in place at the time of their re-admission.

Inactive students who are not in good standing (CGPA < 2.00) will have their application reviewed by the Academic Standing Appeal Committee before being allowed to re-enroll.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

  1. Students who have applied to the university as non-degree students will be eligible to register at given dates and can only complete registration at the Admissions and Registration Department
  2. Non-degree students must meet the regular admission requirements of GUST for the particular program/course, and admission approval is granted with a limit of one calendar year of non-degree status
  3. Regular course fees apply

Visiting Students

  1. Students enrolled in other universities and not wishing to pursue a degree at GUST may register as visiting students
  2. Visiting student application forms can be obtained from the Admissions and Registration Department or online
  3. At the End of the semester, provided all course requirements have been completed, visiting students may request their course official transcript to be sent to their home institution
  4. Admission approval is granted with a limit of one calendar year of non-degree status.
  5. Regular course fees apply