Streamlining Your Academic Journey

Making Registration Simpler

At GUST, we understand that the registration process is a crucial step in your academic journey. We strive to make it as streamlined and efficient as possible, ensuring that you can easily enroll in the programs and courses, that align with your goals and aspirations.

Prior to Registration

To initiate the registration process, we encourage prospective students to visit our website and explore the comprehensive information available on our programs, admission requirements, and key dates. This will provide you with a clear understanding of the options available and help you make informed decisions.

Registration Procedures

The Admission and Registration Department at the University plays a crucial role in overseeing the admission process for students across all colleges. It is responsible for ensuring that students who have been accepted by GUST are eligible to register for courses within the specified dates outlined in the University Academic Calendar.

Registration Terms & Categories

Prerequisite courses are required for advanced-level courses, and completion of equivalent courses at other institutions may fulfill prerequisites through transfer credits. Students are responsible for entering classes with the required competence, and it is recommended to follow the prescribed course order within each discipline.

Registration Types

The registration process for students at GUST differs based on their status. Continuing students have the opportunity to pre-register according to designated priorities. Newly-admitted students can register after the pre-registration period.

Registration Policies

Changing a degree major or college requires careful consideration and approval from the respective college's Assistant Dean. Transfer credits, both for active GUST students and non-degree seeking students, are subject to specific guidelines and approval processes.