Semesters, Classes and Courses

Academic Terms/Semesters

The regular semesters involve 15 to 17 weeks of teaching and in addition to registration and advising period and final examinations period.

Class Periods

GUST operates on a five day week from Sunday through Thursday. Scheduling may be based on a five period per-week basis (one hour per day) or a three period per-week basis (one hour per day) or a two period-per-week basis (1.5 hours per day). Classes are scheduled between 8:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M.

Alternative instructional modes like independent study and online instruction are based on instructional time parameters determined by the individual department and approved by the College Dean within the framework of University academic policy.

Course Prerequisites

Many courses above the introductory level require a specific background of knowledge, as indicated by prerequisite courses cited in individual course descriptions. Equivalent courses satisfactorily completed at other institutions may also meet prerequisite requirements by transfer credit.

Credit may not be granted for a lower-level course once a more advanced course has been completed successfully. Students need to consult the head of the appropriate academic unit for more information. Students are responsible for entering the class with the required competence.

In general, courses should be taken in the order described within the major sheet of each discipline.