Mastering Academic Writing and Research

Stages for Effective Academic Writing

Academic writing requires method and planning. Following stages or check points should be kept in mind during the writing process:

  • Search for scholarly sources
  • Organize your notes and plan your paper
  • Revise drafts for clarity and conciseness
  • Revise drafts for grammar and mechanical errors
  • Incorporate sources more effectively into your text
  • Use the correct documentation style

Research and Information for Different Disciplines

It is important to know that different disciplines require different types of information that can be researched in different areas of study.

DisciplineHumanitiesSciencesSocial Sciences
Discipline:Purpose of Research
Humanities:To understand and analyze the meaning of individual events, people, and creative works
Sciences:To observe and understand natural phenomena
Social Sciences:To solve social problems and understand group interactions
Discipline:Research Methodology
Social Sciences:Qualitative, Quantitative
Discipline:Examples of Primary Sources
Humanities:Creative works, diaries, letters, interviews, news footage
Sciences:Results of experiments, research and clinical trials
Social Sciences:Census data, statistics, results of experiments of human behavior
Discipline:Examples of Secondary and Tertiary Sources
Humanities:Books, journal articles, textbooks, reference material
Sciences:Books, journal articles, textbooks, reference material
Social Sciences:Books, journal articles, textbooks, reference material