Mohammed Hossain

Mohammed Hossain

Associate Professor
Accounting & MIS Department

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About the Faculty Member

Dr Mohammed Hossain joined GUST in August 2019. Previous to that he worked in Sohar University, Oman, Griffith Business School, Australia, Qatar University, Qatar and Islamic University, Bangladesh. He completed MPhil in Accounting and Finance from the University of Manchester, UK and PhD in Accounting from the University of Liverpool, UK. He also holds CPA (Australia) and CA (Australia) memberships. His research interests focus on Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting, CSR, and Environmental reporting. Dr Mohammed has published in Business, finance, and accounting journals, including Journal of Corporate Finance (Scopus Q1 and ABS 4), Journal of Business Ethics (Scopus Q1 and ABS 3*), Advances in Accounting (Scopus Q1), International Journal of Accounting and Information Management (Scopus Q1), Social Responsibility Journal (Scopus Q2), Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change (Scopus Q2), The Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management (Scopus 1), Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies (Scopus 2), Corporate Ownership & Control, International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management etc.

Teaching Interest(s)

Financial Accounting, Governmental Accounting, Accounting Spread Sheet Applications

Expertise Area(s)

Corporate Governance, CSR, Firm sustainability reporting