GUST offers an MBA degree designed to meet your professional needs and goals. The MBA program at GUST is designed for risk-taking, challenging, and intelligently experienced people. People who seek to develop and grow in their career and bring out the confident leader within them. The MBA program has been developed to ensure that it meets the highest international standards with a local market flavor. The major learning outcomes of our MBA emphasize leadership, ethical standards, teamwork, and critical thinking. The curriculum will teach you how to use analytical outlines and tackle complex problems, which will help you progress in your career to earn your next promotion. Throughout the program's duration, you will experience being treated professionally with interest and responsiveness- by an approachable and collaborative faculty focused solely on developing your business and leadership skills. Our MBA program, which holds international accreditation, is specifically designed to meet the decision maker's strategic needs. It is worth mentioning that our program is the only MBA in Kuwait that provides six different concentration options for the students: Accounting, Economics, Corporate Finance, Banking, Management and Marketing.