GSR Director – Prof. Issam ElMoughrabi had a meeting with BDO partner – Mr. Rami AlHadhrami to discuss the possible collaboration areas that would benefit both institutions. They have agreed on arranging a seminar for GUST MBA students regarding Tax Awareness in the upcoming semester. Furthermore, they have discussed offering a Tax Certificate in collaboration with PACE. Hiring GUST graduates, internships and participating in GUST career fair were also discussed during the meeting and currently being arranged with Alumni department. Possible agreement items are under preparation. Overall, it was indeed a fruitful meeting and we are looking forward for our MBA seminar.

The MBA Office is glad to announce that the MBA admission for Spring 2022-2023 is now open!

Please send your admission documents or inquiries to:, or call us: 2530 7144 or 2530 7147.


Graduate Studies & Research office held a seminar on Wednesday 14th December, 2022 by Mr. Zeyad AlRasheed – Human Resources Senior Director of Warba Bank. The seminar was held exclusively for GUST MBA students, on (How to manage your manager).

GUST MBA program welcomes students at Fall Orientation

Date: 20th September 2022

GUST MBA program organized an Orientation for the Fall Semester 2022/2023 which started on 25th September 2022, where students were welcomed by Prof. Issam El-Moughrabi, MBA Director.

First, Students were welcomed by Prof. Issam who started with greeting the new students and giving them a brief about the benefits and impact of the program in their future.

Later, Prof. Issam introduced the nature of the program and its objectives to the students and emphasized the importance of relating what students learn to their jobs in order to maximize their learning. He also explained to them the importance of working with other students as teams and sharing work experience among other colleagues to diversify the experience students will gain during their progress in the program.

Students were also introduced to the MBA curriculum and its wide variety of elective courses, and they were given more details about the six concentrations available in our program. Students also got a glimpse of the MBA program rules and regulations. Students were finally given information about some previous activities, such as seminars and consultancy workshops which offered the students the opportunity to engage with a wide range of industry-based consultancy projects and solve actual problems faced by organizations. Furthermore, they were given information about the course abroad offered previously during summer semesters.


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Success Stories


The MBA program offers its students the opportunity to engage in consultancy workshops with a wide range of industry-based consultancy projects.

MBA students can choose the ones that are closer to their interests and program concentrations, and work with other students as a team to solve actual problems faced by the organization.

Upon completion of the study, a team produces and submits a formal report to both the organization / company and the university.

Below are just some of the companies our MBA students had the opportunity to work with through our consultancy workshop program.