B.Sc. in Accounting Designed for students interested in gaining knowledge in accounting skills to help organizations run efficiently. Accounting is language of business and plays a critical role in organizational success.

Produce graduates with the ability to process financial transactions, prepare financial statements, undertake audits, and advise on financial matters for a variety of stakeholders including shareholders, creditors, management, and statuary bodies.

Maintain strong internal control systems, appraise the generation of the cash flows and estimate the capital investment inherent risks.

Liaise with professional and governing accounting organizations to help setting suitable accounting and budgetary policies, conducting financial examinations, and preparing tax returns reports.

Given opportunities

The accounting profession offers a wide variety of employment opportunities:

Management Accountant

Financial Advisor

Investment Advisor

Chief Financial Officers

Accounting Manager

Budget Analyst

Tax Accountant

Chief Accountant

Credit Analysis Manager

Compliance Manager

Corporate Controller

Financial Analyst


Cost Estimator