Strategic Research Areas

The CAMB conducts interdisciplinary research in the following five strategic research areas which share common methodological grounds. Each research area involving faculties and central academic institutes and backed by a number of collaborative research projects at both national and international level.

1- Systems Biology and Bioinformatics

We define systems biology and Bioinformatics as a comprehensive tool for understanding molecular and cellular biosciences phenomena by making predictions, designing experiments and testing hypotheses underlying system behaviors and spatiotemporal processes.

We develop at CAMB new theoretical and unconventional computational modeling approaches based on reaction networks to identify key mechanisms underlying biosystems. We focus on various applications such as chromosome segregation mechanisms, cell cycle controls, and virus dynamics.

2- Computational Finance and Economics

Computational Finance and economics is a newly CAMB developing research discipline at the interface of computational sciences, finance, economics, and management science. It is concerned with the analysis and implementation of computational problems which arise in different fields such as banking, finance and insurance industries.

3- Data Science & Statistical Modeling

Data Science & Statistical Modeling at CAMB committed improving the understanding and draw useful knowledge from large and complex data. It focuses on research and education in central aspects of Data Science, primarily in computational statistics and machine learning, visual data science, optimization, large-scale computation, along with numerous application areas, such as computational finance and economics, artificial intelligence, computational biology, and personalized medicine.

4- Scientific Computing

CAMB Scientific Computing research is concerned with the development and implementation of algorithms and efficient numerical methods for solving practical problems arising from various areas of science and engineering.

5- Chemoinformatics and Molecular Modeling

Chemoinformatics and Molecular Modeling at CAMB is dedicated to innovation in research and teaching at the interface between chemistry and computational sciences for solving practical problems of chemistry.