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Fees & Payment Details


  • English Foundation Level: KD 1920 per semester/level
  • Math Foundation Level: KD 630 per semester/level
  • Undergraduate Tuition Fee: KD 210 per credit hour
  • Pre-MBA: KD 600 per course
  • Graduate Tuition (MBA): KD 240 per credit hour

* All the tuition and fees are subject to annual review by the GUST management


  • Computer Services: KD 50 per regular semester and KD 25 per summer semester
  • Undergraduate Application Fee: KD 25
  • Pre MBA Application Fee: KD 30
  • MBA Application Fee: KD 20
  • Pre MBA Admission Fee: KD 10
  • MBA Admission Fee: KD 20
  • English Placement Test fee: KD 5
  • Math Placement Test fee: KD 5
  • Attestation Letter (e.g., Completion of Degree Requirements): KD 3
  • Transcript Fee: KD 5
  • Student Activities: KD 20 per regular and KD 10 per summer semester
  • Science / Laboratory Courses: KD 20 per regular/summer semester


* All the tuition and fees are subject to annual review by the GUST management

Payment Schedule

All fees should be paid according to University stipulations. A minimum of KD 870 must be paid towards tuition fees prior to registration for classes. Any deferment of terms of payment must be stated in writing, approved, and duly signed by the authorized University official. This clause is not applicable to students sponsored by various government organizations.

Summer Semester Fees

The fees for taking summer courses are the same as those for regular semesters. All fees for summer school must be paid in full amount, in advance.

Methods of Payment

Students are provided with several other methods of payment. Payments can be made online or in the Accounting department on the ground floor by cash, check, K-net, credit card or via wire transfer to GUST’s Boubyan bank account (0106402001), IBAN Number (KW80BBYN0000000000000106402001).