Date posted
May 6, 2024

Administrative Assistant


  • • Assist the Department Head with the coordination, operation, and management of all related services such as class scheduling, budget preparation, record control, and special management services. Determine procedures and flow of work, assignments, coordination, and production.
  • • Supervise student employees assigned to the department/division, if any.
  • • Operate standard office machines, including personal computers. Organize and maintain general office files and all filing relative to the operation of the department/division.
  • • Set appointments, coordinate meetings, and arrange travel and lodging for faculty.
  • • Serve as secretary for department/division meetings as requested by the Head and faculty. Follow-up with meeting action items that may be assigned to you by the Head or faculty.
  • • Receive and distribute mail.
  • • Assure confidentiality of all information shared with her/him orally or via written memo, letter, exams, etc. The department’s/division’s business must remain confidential.
  • • Compose letters, draft forms, compile factual reports, and photocopy documents on behalf of Head and faculty.
  • • Work with the GUST purchasing unit for the acquisition of textbooks, supplies, and equipment for the Head and faculty.
  • • Keep track of faculty course schedules /timetables in order to achieve maximum utilization of time in making appointments and enabling faculty to remain undisturbed when circumstances require.
  • • Keep inventory of stationery office supplies, etc., and provide supplies to faculty upon request.
  • • Assist new faculty hires by helping them meet other faculty and staff; find their way around campus, and necessary supplies and equipment.
  • • Announce class absences when asked to do so by faculty. Convey messages to faculty member’s students as directed.
  • • Create and keep a current roster of the departments/division’s faculty members, TA, and administrative assistants. The roster is to include name, title, office number, office phone number, email address, and personal (mobile) phone number. Share the roster with faculty at the beginning of the academic year and as changes occur.
  • • Other general duties as requested by the Department Head.


  • Minimum 4 years’ experience in administrative support

Job Specific Competencies

  • N/A

Behavioral Skills

  • Must be proficient in Computer Skills including Microsoft Office, Data Analysis, and Design Skills using Professional Tools.
  • • Excellent Customer Service Skills
  • • Advanced written and verbal communication skills in both Arabic and English
  • • Ability to handle multiple details, organize and prioritize work
  • • Ability to create strong relations with multiple stakeholders inside the organization

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