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GUST Launches “GUST_Cares” Initiative

28 April 2021



Kuwait City, 28 April 2021: GUST launched an initiative titled “GUST_Cares” which entailed distributing food boxes for those in need during the holy month of Ramadan. The campaign was launched at the start of the holy month and allowed for wider community participation, with staff members of OSL organized full day trips to certain areas of the country, carrying out the donations to the recipients. The overall goal is to distribute and donate 1000 boxes during the holy month of Ramadan.


Students, faculty, and staff GUST community members were encouraged to either bring in supplies and food which will be put into boxes, or to take a box home and donate it to their liking. The Office of Student Life, OSL, who took charge of this drive, provided a list of necessities and food items families might require as appropriate options to donate and place within the boxes. Student clubs also participated as they took a sizeable portion of the boxes and donated them, clubs involved included: The Technology Club, the Bayan Cultural Club, the Music Club, the Islamic Finance Club, and the Human Rights Club.



Head of the Office of Student Life, Aseel Abou Nemah said “An initiative such as GUST_Cares is a social responsibility from us as a university and reinforces community solidarity. Despite these difficult times this campaign also showcases our student body’s strong sense of responsibility and their passion towards volunteer work and community service. Showing compassion and lending a helping hand to those in need during the holy month of Ramadan is what matters and we hope this encourages others to do the same.”



The charity drive is still ongoing and open to the public to participate. Boxes are available for pickup from campus and instructions on how to donate can be found on official GUST social media accounts. Individuals can share their donations and box designs with the university or tag them on their own personal accounts with the use of the #GUST_Cares hashtag.