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GUST Instructors Present at ELearning & EFLTalks Online Workshop

15 January 2020 to 1 February 2020

GUST Math Foundation Program Unit (MFU) Instructors, Shiny Verghese, Waila Al-Essawi and Anwar Al-Zayer, presented at the online event ‘EFLTalks: Improving Student’s performance in the MENA Region’, which took place earlier this month. The event was done in a collaboration between ELearning MENA and EFLTalks.



The webinar focused on strategies and best practices to improve student performance in the classroom, and specifically with students in the MENA region. Shiny Verghese shed light on a variety of different team-based learning using technology which could encourage students to be more engaged in the material they are learning in class. Anwar Al-Zayer discussed the rise of PADLET, and the pros and cons of using it in the classroom. GUST’s participation ended with Waila Al-Essawi delving into Panopto lecture-capture and how instructors can use it to add value to their curriculum. 


Our instructors’ participation in the event allowed for the university to be represented in one of the most powerful ways – the quality of our faculty. 


The event was organized in a collaboration between Elearning MENA and EFLTalks. ElearningMENA promotes a community in the MENA region by encouraging educators and students to integrate effective, emerging and electronic (3Es) learning skills in ALL fields. Run by volunteers ElearningMENA’s activities include; monthly onsite and online professional development sessions, a venue for educational institutions/companies to showcase their technology-based resources and products, publish online publications periodically and expand E-learners networking through collaborations with other entities worldwide. While EFLtalks provides an opportunity for teachers to teach other teachers. It provides a lasting legacy of free, fast and engaging teacher development available anytime, anywhere, through 10-minute videos.


The MFU consistently seeks to employ new strategies in the classroom that are beneficial for the development of our students.