Naveed Ahmed

Naveed Ahmed

Assistant ProfessorE001168
Mathematics & Science Department

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Naveed Ahmed has held the position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Natural Science at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) since September 2019. He earned his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics with a focus on numerical analysis and scientific computation from OVGU Magdeburg, Germany. Prior to joining GUST, he served as an Assistant Professor at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Lahore, Pakistan. Naveed Ahmed's professional journey includes significant research experience in Applied Mathematics, encompassing roles such as a research associate at WIAS, Berlin, and a post-doctoral position at Kassel University, Germany.

Teaching Interest(s)

Numerical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Calculus, Basic Probability and Statistics

Expertise Area(s)

Finite Element discretizations for problems arising in CFD, Variational Time Stepping Schemes, Stabilized methods for convection-dominated problems