Ahmad M AlDarbas

Ahmad M AlDarbas

Assistant Professor
Business Administration Dept

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Dr. Ahmad M Alomar AlDarbas is an instructor of law at the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST). He teaches undergraduate courses on different topics, the course Introduction to Business Law and Ethics considers important legal principles that affect businesses and moral-ethical issues that confront them. While the course seeks to create an understanding of the most important legal principles affecting business, this course also aims to provide students with a broad-based knowledge of legal principles applicable globally and to compare those principles with business principals practiced in Kuwait. Topics include an introduction to business law, jurisdiction and alternative dispute resolution, ethical issues that confront modern businesses, intentional and unintentional business torts, requirements of a valid contract, discharge of contract, breach of contract, sole proprietorship, partnerships, corporate formation, negotiable instruments and the banking environment. In addition to his academic role, Dr. Ahmad is involved in admin work as the acting vice president of professional development and community services and serving in several University committees such as...

Teaching Interest(s)

The legal development of the Arabian legal system, Human right in Arabian Gulf countries, Intellectual property regulation in Kuwait, Foreign real estate ownership in GCC countries, Foreign direct investment in Kuwait

Expertise Area(s)

FDI in emerging markets, residential and commercial real estate regulation capital market regulation Corporate finance law