Waila S Al Eissawi

Mathematics Foundation Unit

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Waila Al-Eissawi is a Math instructor at Math Foundation Unit at Gulf University for Science and Technology. She received her Bachelor's degree in Math from Baghdad University (1985), Master's degree in International Teaching, from Framingham State University, she attended the NESA conference (2010-2011) in Istanbul," Teacher centered on High School students" NESA conference (2015-2016) in Bangkok," classroom Formative Assessment methods" She attended PEAK conferences for American Schools in Kuwait, she has certification in Mathematical training courses for students with educational difficulties 1996 Centre for child and Evaluation and Teaching. she joined Gulf University for Science and Technology (2018 ) as a Math instructor at Math Foundations. She is a member of the National Association for Development Education (NADE) and a member of the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Kuwait.

Teaching Interest(s)

Teach math for undergraduate students and university students. Teach Advanced Math Courses AP Calculus, Calculus.

Expertise Area(s)

Teach Advanced Math Courses AP Calculus, Calculus, Precalculus, Collage Algebra ,and Geometry. Teaching Mathematics for students with Educational Difficulties .