Ghada A. Al-Abdulaly

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Ghada AlAbdulaly, M.A. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), University of Essex (United Kingdom), is a bilingual English Foundation instructor at Gulf University for Science and Technology (Kuwait). AlAbdulaly is versed in Arabic-English translation, including competent service in the Ministry of Higher Education. To pursue advanced inquiry in comparative literature, AlAbdulaly was distinguished recipient of the 2007 Academic Achievement Award through the American University of Kuwait. AlAbdulaly’s subsequent thesis culminated in “Cleopatra for Each Generation: Analysis of Different Literary Representations of the Historic Figure of Cleopatra,” which earned recognition for high scholarly achievement. In view of her genuine calling for community service, AlAbdulaly admirably rendered educational services in the Spicer Language and Linguistics library at the University of Essex. AlAbdulaly enjoys culturally diverse and internationally oriented learning environments, putting in useful play her teaching skills and conversance with information technology.

Teaching Interest(s)

Bilingual Education / ESL, English Education, Literature and Discourse in English Language Teaching,Translation, Teaching Writing in EFL/ESL, Teaching English for Academic and Specific Purposes .

Expertise Area(s)

Bilingual Education / ESL, English Education, Comparative Literature, Media Portrayal of Arabs, Translation, Literature and Discourse in English Language Teaching and Teaching English for Academic Purposes.